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Cynthia Rowley Presentation SS15: Highlighting BirchBox & Color Club nail lacquers

ROWLEYBLOG4Ready To Wear, Spring/Summer 2015 looks hip and mod for the, Cynthia Rowley fashion show this season! Continuing on, New York Fashion week with an outburst: nails coverage are completely on point and ready for exposure as beauty sponsor, BirchBox and Color Club give the ultimate essentials for cool significant press this week! Continue reading

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Artsy MAN-icure!


[Bold prints and Yoko Ono alongside. Inspiration moment for sure]. Got to give it up to the bold men who are not bothered by the concept of having art on nails. That concept has come along way…What a way to display uniSEX vision, Bravo! [ Special thanks to , Cruz Nicolas for the support!]


Shop YOKO ONO decals [HERE]

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NAIL that ART! : Maria Lassnig

maria GIFS7

 Austrian artist, Maria Lassnig art speaks in volumes as her self-portraits take on the emotions of someone going through mental phases based on external body image.

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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Minimalistic Sensation


Embracing self identity, I have taken a whole of my crafty subtle actions of coordinating; nail-art , personal tattoos and artificially added finger art [which later turned into permanent tattoos]. Occasionally, a minimal wordless story can mean so many with continuous preview. FOCUS: Fabrication , Nail-Art , and body art!:

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