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Hand Jobs: Pinky’s Nails

P.NailsTalk about XXX artistry! The visual mixture of intimate parts and sex toys from: Pinky’s Nails in Toronto are this weeks, Cunnt Claws! The artist working at Pinky’s Nails salon are still one of my day one references in terms of taking an idea and neatly executing illustrations onto the nail canvas for their customers. Interesting and descriptive hand painting skills are key for aspiring nail artist wanting to make a break through into the industry and Pinky’s Nails are a good example of that. 


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Artist HIGHlight: Kim Bui on Yurie Sekiya

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[Neon Mystic!!] Vietnamese origin, Kim Bui contributes her time and skills to her career of being a full time nail technician and a press-on nail distributor. Fancy up on a good purchase of art design brushes with blending elements like 3d nail art supplies and whatnot can take a 360 spin into an endless trail of legacy!
Shooting 80’s neon hues into likable demand and for the second time around collaborating with this segment’s Artist HIGHlight: Kim Bui curates conceptual nail art from Japanese illustrator, Yurie Sekiya [ All art via: Yurie Sekiya]

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Inspired by Japanese cosmic cartoons like, “Popples” and “Yums Yums”, Sekiya’s developes her crazy appeal for lively palettes. The main highlight that sets Yurie’s identity apart lies within her humor to expressive arts. Melo, Cune and Rue are the visual characters wearing glittery eyes with a pom pom tail displayed in multiple personalities.

Yurie Sekiya artwork is very girlie, fun with a spunky edge. The entire process to come up with a concept and then see it all play out into existence is another part of the project that over 1 million thousand and counting nail artist around the globe consider a sacred “piece of mind”. An intimate love between the artist and his or her guest: all the favorite pieces of nail goodies bought to fit on a canvas 1cm wide! Get into it, as Kim Bui shares this moment with us:

 Inspiration HIGHlight: “I came across Yurie Sekiya’s work a while back and I knew I wanted to create nails with her illustration style with attention specifically to her character’s eyes! They are their own little worlds of galaxies within itself. I like getting lost in something I’m creating, and that’s what her art emulated to me. The detail and designs within one area, as an artist you get absorbed in as you draw, which is the same effect as the viewer. The same feeling happens as your eyes scan over the piece. It’s the type of art that makes you initially smile, it’s bright, cute and the details will sure pull YOU IN!”

 Design HIGHlight: Bright-saturated colors, dreamy pastel, and 3d with a little bit of everything! These all matched Sekiya’s color palette. False eyelashes and sculpted acrylics to design the 3 dimensional portions the bold iconic eyes and cloud design. Last, added accents of :glitter, rhinestones, confetti, swarovski crystals, striping tape, studs, and PEARLS and nails-did!

 Words of Wisdom: Always remember to put yourself and your style into the pieces you create. People can go directly to the source, if they wanted to see it perfectly done or recreated, but the nail artist’s point of view and distinctive interpretation of the art notion is what makes it unique! Put detail of yourself that you want the client or viewer to experience through your work, that’s what I think is important visually important.

Comment below and share with us your thoughts!! Stay tune again for what Kim Bui has cooking for us!

Kim Bui’s Website

Kim Bui’s Artist HIGHlight [2014]

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New Museum: Triennial

new museum 7

New Museum Exhibition: Triennial / Surround Audience

3D Sculpture of multidisciplinary artist, Julian Huxtable.

SHE-IS-EVERYTHING!! Its not very often visitors are allowed to be close like green on money to pieces in the museum! In this section of the, New Museum the watch guards wasn’t being stricked for people being extremely close! Happy the operation were set up this way because it is super fascinating to see all of Julian’s detail formation up-close and personal. The green textured sculpture resembles, foil with an oily matte finish. In certain areas like face and nails are hues of blue accents. The sculture is executed by: Frank Benson.

new museum 104new museum 3new museum 106new museum 102new museum 4





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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Fleury Rose


“Fresh, Original, Bad Ass Nails for the people!” – Fleury Rose

Since the very beginning of the Cunnt Claws expedition, Fleury Rose crafty nail art abilities caught my attention and I knew one day our fingers would cross paths. Rose is known for correlating fashion and nail art, using hand illustration and fancy finger accessory on various mediums. Through vast experiences, working as a fashion editorial nail artist, Fluery’s strong sense to detailing interconnects a lot with the fashionistic regime in me!

Concept: Fleury give me a concept from one of her new archives catalog while incorporating inspiring ideas from the accents on my accessory collection that day: Futuristic glam meets texturized accents! Christian Louboutin [Spring/Summer 2015] snake embossed distressed metallic fabrication heels is the leading reference overall

 Nail Polish: Chanel “Le Vernis Intemporel

Materials: Glass nails, silver foil and embellish bling with realistic texture hand illustration:









Fleury is currently working by appointments from the Williamsburg [Brooklyn] area inside the, Tomahawk Salon. Click link to venture into her work:

 Fleury Rose Nails

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