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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Tracy Kawaii

Hello November!!!! Starting with a new month, I was so stoked to present to you a new artist that I discovered right here in, NYC.  Based in the Flushing, Queens- freelance nail artist, Tracy Lok (Tracy Kawaii) is what I call a “Kawaii nail artist” who started doing nails as a hobby then as time progress; she took her craft to another level by revolving her pleasurable hobby into a part-time job along side her normal full-time day job. Admiring Tracy’s drive and of course her love for nail art, I was beyond bliss to experience a new talent right here in my city.

Offering me something to be excited about to the starting of this cold, November month -Tracy invited me into her cozy living space to supply my claws for its very first, Kawaii nail art! For those who are new to this type of nail art, Kawaii means “Cute” and it is a Japanese nail design, which entails loads of dainty embellishments. These embellishments can differ based on what spirit one may feel at the moment. For the most part, to stay in the realm of the Kawaii tradition, getting adorable characters such as; Hello kitty, Cupcakes, Ice-Cream cones, bunnies, etc are just a few charming 3-d characters that is collaborated with different variations of studs to complete the look. My first Kawaii experience shared with you!! :

SONY DSCMeet, Tracy Lok everyone!!!!

SONY DSC 1st Step: Removing the “gel” topcoat

SONY DSC            2nd Step: Gel topcoat is off, now time for my fill-in!!! (Even with w/ bare nails, the inspiration on Tracy’s nails are so inviting!)

SONY DSC3rd Step: Relaxing under the, LED light (In love with everything that glows. The LED light is like a nail club house, for a party of four! lol)

SONY DSC4th Step: The “SHOW-OUT” starring, Pineapple Treats! ( My new addiction…Nail Piercings…)

SONY DSCThumb action (Embellish Sea shells and studded negative spacing)


SONY DSCTracy w/ out the adorable face mask….BIG SMILE!!

SONY DSCThe finish result: A traditional KAWAII nail art design  w/ a trendy emphasis of one pierced nail



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