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Is it just me, or the nail art movement is moving so fast that it’s becoming more and more fascinating as we see a heavy rotation of new inspiring creations being recreated right in front of our eyes, and it’s super hard to not give in?!

London base nail artist- Nikki P of, Attitude Nails extended her genius ways of doing fascinating nail design to now recycling artificial nails that she transformed into hip and trendy neck pieces jewelry, which just adds to the many cool depictions of recreating the nail art market. Already seen sporting the customize nail-chain; Raquel (RaqStar Nails), Kelly (I_Nailed_It) and myself- these chains are limitless as to what can be created on them!


From a nail art blogger standpoint, jewelry are so fun to an outfit! Customizing a nail art necklace made out of artificial nails, is taking the “nail art lifestyle” to an entirely new level. This targets the market of audience, who just get a kick out of watching fun nail-art images, but would never move forward with implementing customize designed nails!


Other Related News: Attitude nails innovative nail-chain was also featured in, Nails Magazine this month:


 If you are interested in getting something cool and customize to up-play your personal style, shoot us an email: CunntClaws@Gmail[dot]com


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