Cunnt Claws

Hand Skill Era: Cunnt Claws x Jewelsziah


What can a staple customize accessory do to someone with swanky nail-art? EVERYTHING right! You can honestly articulate a lot about someone’s personality by observing his or her jewelry choice. Huge supporter of hand-made products, I was trilled to team up with eclectic hand-made jewelry maker, Kaze Yisreal of Jewelsziah to have some fun with the Cunnt Claws and Dope DigitsWomen Of Popular Culture” water decals:

pose3Midi Wire Flower Bomb Ring / Midi Ring

pose6Crystal Flower Bracelet

pose28Grain Crystal HandChain

pose21Crystal Bomo Jewelz [Hand chain / Foot Chain]



pose10Wire midi double end

pose13 Crystal Bomo Jewelz [Hand chain / Foot Chain]


pose29Swarovski  Headpiece

Additional Information:


All jewelry ( Head Pieces, Body Chains, Rings, etc) made by Jewelsziah can be custom made to your liking  / More [here}

Cunnt Claws x Dope Digits Nail-Art [here]




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