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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Wraps x Decals


Glad to share what my claws are conveying this week: Relatable prints from Appliq! Kelsey Meuse is the clever lady behind the modern day way of doing business, using ecommerce. Easily accessible to anyone to note. One of my noticeable favorite pros about Appliq are the adhesives function!

Leah Moloney design these particular 3-colored sets. From afar the design appears, geometric but when looking closely they kind of remind me of being in a lab, watching bacteria floating around in a microscope! Adding extra personality to the print, Yoko Ono [water decal] digital image from our [Dope Digits], Spring designs were added! My claws are representing collaborative placements of designs:






Normal New York Life: I was stuck in delays, while riding the train [MTA]! Weird enough, I started entertaining myself …impromptu kind’a productivity that I ended up liking.

Nail’d By: Cunnt Claws

Click Nail Shop: Yoko Ono [CC X DD]  / Appliq 


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