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New Museum: Triennial

new museum 7

New Museum Exhibition: Triennial / Surround Audience

3D Sculpture of multidisciplinary artist, Julian Huxtable.

SHE-IS-EVERYTHING!! Its not very often visitors are allowed to be close like green on money to pieces in the museum! In this section of the, New Museum the watch guards wasn’t being stricked for people being extremely close! Happy the operation were set up this way because it is super fascinating to see all of Julian’s detail formation up-close and personal. The green textured sculpture resembles, foil with an oily matte finish. In certain areas like face and nails are hues of blue accents. The sculture is executed by: Frank Benson.

new museum 104new museum 3new museum 106new museum 102new museum 4






One thought on “New Museum: Triennial

  1. Anonymous says:

    Girl you are a true motivator!! I remember how passionate u were when u worked in fashion n I could only image how far u would’ve been. I’m kinda shock! It’s fascinating to see u gave all that up to start new industry , but well ur nails were always dressed before ppl knew nail Art n what u doing now suits! I gotta let ppl kno u always been a nail girl n a dope everything. Happy to see u doing what u like n u killing it!! Best wishes , Carla💖💖

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