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Turn disappointments into fulfillment!

Nail-art has always been my life, even before starting the Cunnt Claws platform. After years of going to the nail salon, creating nail designs before hand and sharing it with the world, I have finally decided to get my hands messy with all the things that gives me pure ecstasy! This outcome has stem from both positive and negative nail art experiences that I have transition into a self-teaching process. Learning more about nail products created for the nails market will be useful for the future.

These days, whenever I take a trip to the nail salon to get my nails did in New York, I notice the nail technicians are charging for ridiculous fees for services that should be all inclusive with getting the full nail art services. For example, me getting charge an extra for cuticle cleaning or getting charged extra if I choose to pick between either square nails or round nails, etc. Hey! I am all for the support of anything nails, but fuck no- don’t play that unethical supply and demand game with me! I totally understand that there is an epidemic for nail art and sympathize with all the exposure of nail technicians getting paid below the work wage, but I will not be the target for a rip of. Most of these charges are dump and should be included when someone go to the salon to get a full service [EXTRA TO CLEAN MY CUTICLES AND I AM COMING TO GET A FULL SET OF NAILS AND NAIL ART DESIGN, AHHH NO THANK YOU]. Another reason for me to start my DIY NAILS: the unpleasant attitude that the nail technician gives when tell them that they did not execute the design correctly and to make adjustments. FYI, I spend cash to support the shop and the art of nails, so should I be given a hard time if the person doing my nails is either lacking proper customer service training or proper instruction on how to do nails? ! Not lately, because I put my foot down with my nail shop, but there has been many instances of nail tech fucking my nail concept up and when I speak on it, they are displease and show this by acting very unprofessional. Nobody has time for that and it def hinders my customer loyalty. Customer service is so vital when working with the public.I literally see the unethical price changes from the 90’s to now when I started with nail art and I am not happy by how local nail shop are conducting their business. I can’t tell people how to run their business, but I can alter how I want things done.

The good thing about this situation is overall better than the negatives. From getting my nails done to learning tricks from the talented nail artist that I have come across on my journey, I can now be 100% satisfied with myself and not have to worry about being cheated by businesses that I sincerely supported. Its all good though, this type of conduct in nail shop is not speaking for all nail shops! There are talented nail art business out there that take pride in servicing their customers, so please do not let my experience discourage you. But if you can relate with my experience than you know how frustrating it can be. It’s all good , life goes on. Starting off with gels, below is my new starters collection for the new venture of being totally self-sufficient. Purchases were made online and in local convenient stores in my area :





Gel Brush Set [Flat, round, oval , detailing brush]

Gel base coat / Gel top coat

Nail-art glue


36 color nail-art gels

Nail file

Cuticle cleaner


ORLY LED gel machine



3 thoughts on “Turn disappointments into fulfillment!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kinda with u on this one. The people at nail shops are almost always over worked and underpay. And that’s y you get charged for extra things n it’s kinda sad. But they not happy with there job. Hopefully that changes. Good luck to u!

    • INWHYSEE says:

      Join the nail salon workers coalition. They are organizing a campaign on workers rights and how to better serve there clients. There’s a really dope brochure on this… At the center for urban pedagogy. Check it out.

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