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Cunnt Claws x Laura Little Curated


Combining photography, and a ‘love of music while chilling with friends’ vibe- Laura Little.

Vendors evolving throughout: art, fashion, and photography and a lot of refreshments all served in 28on27 showroom [Nyc] for photographer and visual artist: Laura Little Curated pop-up social event!

In the nail art section, guest enjoy the allure of watching nail-art on a projector, while blogger, Nikiba Marshall and freelance Nail Artist, Blizzy of Tout Est Bombe merge together to give guest a distinctive experience by showcasing a live visual presentation of nail-art. Guest had the pleasure of watching Toute Est Bombe design nail art concepts inspired by Laura Little’s t-shirt apparel line. Happening next to the nail art booth is, Henna artist Henna Dready! Other eye-catching contributors who participated: Mess Queen, Vena Amoris Jewelry, Ceramicism XOXO , Sosa Knitwear, ChuchuNY and Madly Made:

llc13 Shelley Burns and Tout Est Bombe [nails below]




llc41[L-R: Dj David Hazlewood , Laura Little, Nikiba Marshall

llc80Glasswear from, Ceramicism XOXO

llc68Nathaniel G sporting, Pink Shisha “CLAWS” gloves

llc16SOSA Knitwear

llc49Necole Clark sporting, Pink Shisha “CLAWS” gloves

llc85Hat designer, Penny Chu of ChuChuNY

llc58Henna Dready and Tout Est Bombe



llc63Designer of Mess Queen, Courtney N.Gamble

llc52Mimi Montague, Zulayka Adams and unknown guest all got different styles of henna from henna artist, Henna Dready. These henna can be placed on any part of the body for serious body art!


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