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Blog!!!HELLOOOOOOOOOO GUYS!!! (Cheers!) Welcome to the , Cunnt Claws blog!! Before I introduce myself, I just want to say thank you to everyone who came by to visit! My name is, Nikiba Marshall and I am a freelance nail art blogger based in- Brooklyn, NY. To sum up, you can put me in the category of a being a nail addict, nail cunnt, or nail lover (it all works for me, lol). From this point on, I will be giving all my viewers the different facets that make up the nail art community as a whole from my perspective. Truly, each and everyday I am inspired by all the individuals around the world who contribute to the nail art community. In honor of that inspiration, Cunnt Claws was created!

Before you explore, I want to start you guys’ right, with a NAILgasm TV video-created by NAILgasm’s director, Ayla Montgomery (Brass). For anyone who do not fully understand the art, this video will introduce the art of, Nail Art….ENJOY!


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