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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Minimalistic Sensation


Embracing self identity, I have taken a whole of my crafty subtle actions of coordinating; nail-art , personal tattoos and artificially added finger art [which later turned into permanent tattoos]. Occasionally, a minimal wordless story can mean so many with continuous preview. FOCUS: Fabrication , Nail-Art , and body art!:

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Cunnt Claws’ Assortment : Nail…set…go!

Ever opened up your favorite monthly magazine, website, or stroll down your favorite artist socials and wonder, “I really like this, nail design !!!” (…In reality sometimes, you can take the design to another artist, but they may not be able to accurately replicate the design)Marlene Rockets

If you are interested in having customized nail design, some of our favorite nail artists are on deck religiously to create that nail design of your desire! This type of nail art representation is a good preference for that perfect day; A birthday, wedding, vacation, or even as intense as editorial purposes.
Attitude Nails

thenailistaprojectOccasion: Very cool for the dainty gals who’s not afraid to embrace her spicy side!

NailsyallBright, Playful, mood- enhancer! –  The neons and florescent colors are captivating …Vacation maybe?


M.a.d. Nails

NailGurlSo done to perfection, this is giving me- Editorial …You can also catch ,Tee of  NailGurl giving tutorials on YouTube.

nail pop



unnamemmmmThese are a gorgeous sample of how, no one can ever tell you’re wearing “press-ons“!

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Cunnt Buy: Hex Nail Jewelry

For those who have been trying to suppress those feelings that nail art is not for everyone, WELL we can now agree that this is all a huge FALLACY (Tuh-ha). There is always a lil something for everyone at all different assortment of personal style…and every age range too. For all my cunnt beauty fanatics out there, nail jewelry brand- Hex Nails Jewelry has some very cool accessories that your claws can identify with. Below are a few of our favorite nail charms from the new collection, Beauty Kit:

hexnails idonailsI DO NAILS

hexnails sciossorsLarge Scissors

hex nail jewelryLarge Hands

hexnails combComb

hexnails telephoneTelephone

View the entire collection here