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Cunnt Recap!

All for the love of nail art; Cunnt Claws was out on the town this week, experiencing some eventful activities in the nail art community. For their six-year anniversary, indie clothing boutique- Fresthetic accomplished a great event hosting nail artist, Eda Levenson (LadyFancyNails) very first pop-up salon located in the mist of, East Williamsburg. The indulging ambiance was set for, Ms.LadyFancy from the good vibes of the chess playing session that went one from the time I walked in, to the lovely newbies waiting to get their claws painted for the very first time…(Wait for it!!) Not only that! I was happy that the nail-art gods blessed us with a new nail polish line, Hail Nails. Created by founder, Shanon M- Hail Nails is extremely new to the market! (So keep those eyes out!) Take a look at several nail art that were executed by, Ms.LadyFancy herself, you know we od love the symmetrical vibe she brings to the table!!!

fresthetic 6Lady Fancy Nails (Do the back drop look familiar? )

fresthetic 11Treats on the menu

LFN: sweet dreams:electro )

fresthetic 10Hail Nails Polish

fresthetic 12

fresthetic 5Feather inspired claws

fresthetic 9Nail art newbies!!!

fresthetic 7Nail polish talk

fresthetic 4

fresthetic 1Work hard, Play hard!!! (All for itttt!)

For more on LadyFancyNails movement, please check out: !


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