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NAIL that ART!: Black Lives Matter!

[Fucking Stop, Cuz we can’t breath!] We live in a world where there are countless number of global problems such as: global financial crisis, poverty, natural resources and racism. There is an outweighs numbers between the amount of people willing to devote time to help change global issues and the issues that we all as a nation is dealing with at hand. Undeniably, ALL LIVES MATTER, but today we are taking it one step at a time to focus and bring awareness to human rights and the reoccurrence of police brutality against black lives in the U.S.

Are you familiar: Amado Diallo [Shot 41 times,1999], Eric Garner [2014] , Michael Brown [2014] and Freddi Gray [2015]? Hello and welcome to the theme of BLACK LIVES MATTER! Re-informing you, these unarmed men have all been victims of police cruelty and they all died because of it. Between, 2000-2015 over 80 unarmed black lives has been wrongfully killed by police [ both men & women]! Many of these victim’s stories never made headline in mainstream media.

Very often, where we are from and the culture that we live in sets the tone that manifest our behavior patterns and ways of thinking. Grateful for the positive outcomes but what about the toxic patterns that contributes to the list of worldly difficulties that we all face now! We can all agree: armed police has way more authority than their unarmed captives. There is no justification for inhumane actions that we seen through out the media of police beatings and shooting causing death. It begs the questions: when police are trained for their position, are their correlations between the use of deadly force and race? What are the police forces taught internally to make them feel subconsciously comfortable abusing their authority in inhumane ways? To be straightforward, there are more deeply rooted questions then there are reasonable actions justifying the epidemic of police brutality and the black lives that are no longer here with us! But at some point there is a code of ethics that is being broken and its not sitting well with both domestic and international folks who understand the value of life…especially mothers who can not fathom loosing their child to someone hired to protect and work in partnership with their assign community. 

Below, freelance nail artist within the nail community unite with me on this project, to display their voice and concern in a peaceful manner while raising awareness on the first ever nail-art project curate around the movement: BLACK LIVES MATTER and racial discrimination! We hope to visually educate the people around the globe:

black.thenailartistfr3[Above] “It saddens me to see police brutality over the news. I can only imagine and pray for those families’ that have lost loved ones because of the police. I remember a famous quote from, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr back when I was young. I didn’t understand what it meant but it all makes sense now: Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress” – Fabian

black.nailboy2[Above] “Black lives matter, why? Because no life, gender, sexuality or COLOR is more important or should be more accepted than another. We are all made from skin, blood and bones. We were all given a life that is EQUAL. Why don’t we treat it that way? Why do our people have to still suffer, at this day in time?” – E. Elejandro

black.nailsbyraybaby3[Above] “It saddens me that we still have to deal with such racism in this day and age. But with the power of technology we can document these incidents that usually go unseen”- Ray

black.thenailistaproject2[Above] “According to media studies, to every unarmed white man killed by police brutality, 10 unarmed black men are killed in Baltimore. Studies also show that EVERY 28 hours a black man is killed due to police brutality across the country.  All over the internet there are videos of black men and even some black women who are beaten severely by police officers, who were never held accountable for such actions. They have spilled the blood of so many innocent people.  Why must black or brown skin be seen as targets?  How many lives have to be lost before police brutality is considered a crime?”- Marcia

black.elle[Above] My people are called savages, thugs and hoodlums for rioting…Boston Tea Party, anyone? We get dismissed if we raise our voices just a little out of sheer passion or certain and then we become the “angry black guy or girl”. My PEOPLE are being taken advantage of. Blacks are all over national news, destroying their hometown but on social media there were photos of Caucasians looting in the same area.That didn’t make it to CNN. Be real, be fair. There is a system built to take our boys and men and put them in prison to rot, or be shot by corrupt officers and left to rot in the sun for hours as stories are fabricated and rap sheets are quickly sent to the media and the killings are justified. WE ARE NOT BEING VALUED IN THE COUNTRY THAT OUR ANCESTORS HELPED BUILD, BY FORCE” – Elle C

black.ravenails[Above]The first step is acknowledging that we have a systematic problem! White privilege exists. We have victims in our country, and now is the time to lift those people up” – Briaelinn

black.10thstorynails[Above] It’s frustrating living in a world, where silence and consent in the face of terrible acts are valued over justice. I feel powerless to do anything other than raise awareness.  Black lives matter because all life should be valued.  Respect for life itself should be the most important act anyone can choose”- Danielle

black.nailodyssey[Above] “More attention should be focused on police brutality. It’s not right for citizens to be afraid of something that should protect us” – Elsy

black.TheAcrylicNail2[Above] Racism is alive & well, dwelling in the ignorant minds of those with the power to oppress”- Beatrice

Cunnt Claws will like to continue bringing nail-art awareness for this matter. Please hashtag #CunntClaws in all “Black Lives Matter” nail concepts to be featured on the Cunnt Claws social media. Special thanks to all the nail artist who united for a good cause!: E Elejandro [@thenailboy] , Braelinn [@rave_nailz] ,Ray [@nailsbyraybaby], Danielle [@10thstorynails] , Beatrice [@theacrylicnail], Avia [@thenailistaproject], Elle [@_ellec], Fabian [@thenailartistfr], Elsy [@nail_odyssey]


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Pink Shisha: Women Run This!


Coming a long way from the, Victorian era where women responsibilities were to take care of the house hold as housewife, and men held the duties of bringing home the income. Now, in the postmodern era these gender roles has changed and women of all ethnicity are becoming their own boss and becoming the primary income winner of their households!

To bring light to the magnificent development of women’s liberation, Cunnt Claws felt greatly thrilled to attend the “Female Entrepreneur Mixer” that took place at Bronx’s dainty nail boutique, Pink Shisha. Of course, meeting some sort of women figure goes hand in hand when you take a trip to the nail shop, but this night turn out to be special. Pink Shisha, nail boutique was filled with a mixture of influential creative women that came together for a night of networking. With several nail art captured, the focus is largely on the identity of the countless faces to what the modern day women represent, as they come from different realm of entrepreneurship.

shisha31Female Entrepreneur: Milly Lopez / Owner of Pink Shisha



SONY DSC(Our darling!) New York nail artist , Kelly Blackwell


shisha66Female Entrepreneur: Rosa Irizarry of “Simply Gorgeous” Cosmetics & Fashion


shisha39(She representing!! )All for the love of , DIOSA nail polish!!! Kelly B, thumb nail art…

SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: (Right) Velma Rose-Romans of “Mass Mutual Financial Group”

SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: Ja’Net Jackson of “Lash-A-Holic”


Shisha1SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: Women of “Morinda Bioactives”

shisha14Female Entrepreneur: Qwana Reynolds of “Friend In Your Pocket”

SONY DSCFemale Entrepreneur: (L-R) Rebecca Borrero of “The Mommy” / Milly Lopez “Pink Shisha”


shisha1Female Entrepreneur: (Right) Margaret Lajara-Ruiz of “Xpressions by ML”

shisha15Female Entrepreneur: Tee Kaye of ” Klahsik Diva Accessories”



SONY DSCAhhh yes, saving the best for last!! One of the main reason to LOVE, Pink Shisha nail boutique: The Hookah sessions!!! In New York, Pink Shisha is thy only nail shop where you can indulge in blowing some smoke while you have fun getting manicures and pedicures. Perfect for chilling with your girls!

SONY DSCMs. Shisha herself, caught easing her mind with some flavored hookah


shisha5 Female Entrepreneur: Chris Herrera “Tu Bitxhy Boutique”

SONY DSCKelly and I… I don’t think I was completely ready for all that smoke, and Kelly’s face confirmed! Fun times

Special shout-outs to all the ambitious ladies who attended the, Female Entrepreneur Mixer. With all that was going on, from all the ladies with the different experienced back grounds in the room, to the entire decor of the shop’s setting- it was hard to take in everything ! Cunnt Claws will definitely be back at, Pink Shisha! Stay tune for that, and in the meantime:


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NYC Comic Con 2013

Counting down to the days of Halloween, this weekend the festivities was in full force at New York’s Comic Con 2013. Cosmic Con is an annual convention that is held at the, Javits Center located on the West side of Manhattan. With over 9,000 comic nerds and vendors (all types of people dressed up in costumes) join together for a four-day indoors blast. According to sources, Comic Con tickets were sold out since, April!!! Gesssh! The building were jam-packed, and the energy there was so turnt up to the ultimate max. All the attention was zoomed on the animated characters walking around in their getup costumes and the, “I Nailed New York” booth!!! Each day there were a different set of nail artist- but on this day, some of New York’s best nail artist; Ria Lopez (Ria’s Nailz), Shelley Burns (Shell Breezy), Mimi Wilson (Nails by Mimi), Ashley (Naked Ash Nails), Kelly Blackwell(I_Nailed_it) and Alicia (Alicia’s Nails) came out to display their talent and indeed all of the nail menus presented were tricked out with many different characters which at some point you either adored or were freaking petrified of!! I am so proud of all the lovely artists who participated in the Comic Con convention!! Nail art is gradually pushing the limits and is evolving to a diverse light of life, and it is slowly becoming a lifestyle to many. Pre-Halloween party? Yes, Comic Con indeed had everyone warmed up for what is to come in regard to, Halloween amusement! Getting wicked manicures to show off with your costumes! Child pleaseeee, what more can a gal ask for? No regrets, just a good ass turn out!




SONY DSCArtist: kelly Blackwell (I_Nailed_it)


SONY DSCArtist: Alicia’s Nails

SONY DSCA few from New York’s Dope Nail-Crew : Alicia / Mimi Wilson/ Ria Lopez / Shelley Burns


SONY DSCLovveee Kelly’s claws while she work her magic on customer’s claws!

SONY DSCThis costume is way to cool!!! She actually had claws! POW!

SONY DSCArtist Claws: Ashley (Naked Ash Nails)


SONY DSCNot only are the nail art cool to stare at, but so are the artist!!! Smile, Ria!!! with yo’ FashionableSELF….

SONY DSCThis nail menu is the truth!!!! Colors & characters…. WANT


ccphoneArtist: Mimi Wilson

SONY DSCArtist: Ashley(Naked Ash Nails) / Kelly Blackwell (I_Nailed_It)

SONY DSC Our fav!! Super Mario costume…This goes with Kelly’s Claws below

SONY DSCSuper Mario, nail theme!!! Details…details…


SONY DSCA super satisfied customer, ready for Halloween!!!!


That’s it folks!!!! Comic Con 2013 was a, BANG !!! We are now fully ready for Halloween, are you?!!!!

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DIOSA: Happy 1 year anniversary!

With all the madness one undergo living in a big city as New York, it is always smiles and good energy at D-DAY whenever, Cunnt Claws come out to support Diosa nail polish founder, Diana Long. For those of us who are slightly puzzled, D-DAY is an active social nail art event that happens once every month. While there, guests acquire full pampering treatment of manicures from some of New York’s creative nail artist in the game, along with appetizing food and beverages. For each event, there is a rotation of different inventive nail artist. Zooming in from a guest perspective, this makes each D-DAY event uniquely amazing! To more amazing surprises, it was D-DAY one year anniversary, that included nail artist; Ria Lopez (Ria Nailz), Mimi (StilettoBott), Kelly Blackwell ( I_Nailed_It), Ami Vega (El Salonsito) and Cristal B (Tout Est Bomb) who all came out to celebrate, D-DAY prosperity and of course….HOOK SOME NAILS UP! Lets goooo!

d-day stilettobott 2

d-day 11Artist: Ria Lopez

d-day 9

d-day 13D-DAY/Diosa founder, Diana Long

d-day- ria nails

d-day 1Artist: Ami Vega

d-day 4YES MA’AM, artist claws on point while doing manicures!

d-day 12

d-day cupcakesCupcakes: JenzFancyCupcakes

d-day 6Artist: Mimi(StilettoBott)

d-day kelly

d-day 8

d-day 3Artist: Kelly Blackwell

d-day tout est bomb

D-day 2(L-R) Versatile Artist: Erica Purnell  / Nail Artist: Cristal B.


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Cunnt Recap!

All for the love of nail art; Cunnt Claws was out on the town this week, experiencing some eventful activities in the nail art community. For their six-year anniversary, indie clothing boutique- Fresthetic accomplished a great event hosting nail artist, Eda Levenson (LadyFancyNails) very first pop-up salon located in the mist of, East Williamsburg. The indulging ambiance was set for, Ms.LadyFancy from the good vibes of the chess playing session that went one from the time I walked in, to the lovely newbies waiting to get their claws painted for the very first time…(Wait for it!!) Not only that! I was happy that the nail-art gods blessed us with a new nail polish line, Hail Nails. Created by founder, Shanon M- Hail Nails is extremely new to the market! (So keep those eyes out!) Take a look at several nail art that were executed by, Ms.LadyFancy herself, you know we od love the symmetrical vibe she brings to the table!!!

fresthetic 6Lady Fancy Nails (Do the back drop look familiar? )

fresthetic 11Treats on the menu

LFN: sweet dreams:electro )

fresthetic 10Hail Nails Polish

fresthetic 12

fresthetic 5Feather inspired claws

fresthetic 9Nail art newbies!!!

fresthetic 7Nail polish talk

fresthetic 4

fresthetic 1Work hard, Play hard!!! (All for itttt!)

For more on LadyFancyNails movement, please check out: !