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DIOSA: Happy 1 year anniversary!

With all the madness one undergo living in a big city as New York, it is always smiles and good energy at D-DAY whenever, Cunnt Claws come out to support Diosa nail polish founder, Diana Long. For those of us who are slightly puzzled, D-DAY is an active social nail art event that happens once every month. While there, guests acquire full pampering treatment of manicures from some of New York’s creative nail artist in the game, along with appetizing food and beverages. For each event, there is a rotation of different inventive nail artist. Zooming in from a guest perspective, this makes each D-DAY event uniquely amazing! To more amazing surprises, it was D-DAY one year anniversary, that included nail artist; Ria Lopez (Ria Nailz), Mimi (StilettoBott), Kelly Blackwell ( I_Nailed_It), Ami Vega (El Salonsito) and Cristal B (Tout Est Bomb) who all came out to celebrate, D-DAY prosperity and of course….HOOK SOME NAILS UP! Lets goooo!

d-day stilettobott 2

d-day 11Artist: Ria Lopez

d-day 9

d-day 13D-DAY/Diosa founder, Diana Long

d-day- ria nails

d-day 1Artist: Ami Vega

d-day 4YES MA’AM, artist claws on point while doing manicures!

d-day 12

d-day cupcakesCupcakes: JenzFancyCupcakes

d-day 6Artist: Mimi(StilettoBott)

d-day kelly

d-day 8

d-day 3Artist: Kelly Blackwell

d-day tout est bomb

D-day 2(L-R) Versatile Artist: Erica Purnell  / Nail Artist: Cristal B.



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