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“Cuz I’m a laaaddy”

Martin! Martinnnnn! Wow, guys it hasn’t been that long ago, but can you remember watching the, Martin Lawrence Show’ that had an entire generation laughing?  Well today we are take it back to the 90’s of our memory’s museum when the recollection of tuning into,  Fox 5 channel was a religious habit by choice!! Minus all of the drama, now looking back – being exposed to the 1992 comedy series was so epic as, Martin gave his best performances of perfecting the many character personals shown throughout the show. As a lead character, Martin switched up his different roles as; Mama Payne, Otis, Jerome, and Roscoe. However, Our ultimate favorite character is the ultimate loud mouth, Ms.Sheneneh Jenkins!

Sheneneh, in the sitcom is portrayed as a orthodox “ghetto girl,” who alway has on the latest flamboyant clothes, accessories and hair weaves with an “exaggerated booty”. Way before our time, this ebonics speaking gal have been exploiting what we call, “Ratchet” in the media way before our modern day girl figures, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna . With her bursting personality, ghetto fabulosity, and RACHETNESS, who cares when Sheneneh is humoring us with something to laugh and reminisce over! I hope you guys are ready for this one…Here are two videos of all our favorite episodes all in one…Watch while Sheneneh bring on the claw power!! :

Did you catch the Sheneneh feverrrr yet?! Lol, The next video is for all the nail artist watching. This clip displays the nail stylist of the show, Laquita who works at,  Sheneneh Sho’Nuff Hair Salon and is also the best friend of Sheneneh:

(SOOOO FUNNY!! She’s such a lady!) Don’t care what you have to say about her. Sheneneh Jenkins will forever be in our hearts…Forever and ever in the name of, Nail Art!!!


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