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Seasonal Claws

Happy Holidays everyone!! New holiday, means new set of nail designs!! ( Yes Gawd!!!) Nail artist from all different realm of the map bought there, A-Game for the holidays and I wasn’t sure if I was more impress or excited about it the entire sets. You be the judge:


Marlene Rockets

roxanne jade: hex nail jewels





Cakes Nails 2

pARTY nails


Corasunset Nails

Nails Yall 2


raqstar nails


Hey, Nice Nails!

For the most, there was a recurrence in the usual “Christmas Tree” design, but what really caught our eyes were the trending design of the “Tree-lights” (Lovvve). Have to favor the, tree lights because it really exudes festivity being that we are currently in between holidays and you can add more than one color to a single nail (The more the merrier!). To balance out all your fancy holiday ensemble, here’s your plus one token to over exaggerate your claws with sparkles, colors, and texture!



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