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Cunnt Wishlist (Pt.1)

Tis the season to be jolly! And, Happy Holidays again  to everyone stopping by! So glad to be in this month specially because it’s a that time of the season where you reunite and get closer to love ones, exchange sentimental, and most importantly live out memories with love ones. Not to mention, it’s also the time where you find yourself buying more items than usual! I have just made  life a little bit easier for that special someone in your life who is overly obsess with living that “nail life” lifestyle,(or just anyone open to it at least). Life is oh so sweet in the world of nail art when you got some killer items to match your cunnt manicures. Check out our favorite items on this segment of, Cunnt Wishlist part 1:


master class kitSHOP



formulax BLOGSHOP




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