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Don’t Stress…There’s A zillion ways to put art on your claws!

To all my consistent “go-hard” nail art junkies and nail artist (Specially, targeting this to you!): Do you sometimes run out of ideas to place on your nails, when you have to create your new nail art manicures? I can tell you for sure it happens to me often, even as a nail art blogger. Well, I might have a possible solution for that. Fashion editorial nail artist & Illamasqua‘s nail ambassador, Fleury Rose is one clever gal! As a nail artist, Fleury is acknowledged for playing with artful textures, which she gets inspired through art and fashion. Watch to see where she gains materials for clients!!! This idea is a priceless gem that should be shared.  FYI: There’s fo’sure some, Cunnt Claws embedded in the video done by, Fleury herself!

(Video Review: Everyone who is heavily into nail art should definitely consider this…this is more than, Brilliant!)

 Other fashion related things:  Fleury Rose, is awesome at posting a lot of her favored inspirations from some of the hottest designers in the fashion industry, which she uses for her designs . Check out a few of my favorites:



fleuryrose: Yoshitomo Nara inspired



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