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Spring Invites: Polish Talk

sep8                                                                                                                       Polish Names:

Lead: Snap! 

Bottom-Top : Lux / Secret Love / Baby Jane / Shocking

 (Can you feel Spring Springing?) From the looks of things, nail art is slowly revolving around top designers in the fashion industry. Giving some updates on the latest ” polish-talk“- designer, Marc Jacobs are keeping it fresh & lively with their spring polish color choices and taking it even a step further by filling in consumers on a detail “how-to” nail art design text tutorial which shows you the different ways of how the lacquer polish can be executed in regard to the ever growing nail art trends.sep3




Indulge in some “me-time“, and quit pondering: Are there other creative options other than devoting time and money in a professional nail artist just to create effortless nail art designs as shown in the, Marc Jacobs advertisement? Don’t be intimidated- the answer is, no!!!! (Reject that state of mind) Truly speaking: If playing with, nail polish give you self pleasure and you happen to have a stable hand as well, then go for it! The highlight part to this process: Consistent neatness during the application process (Don’t forget to BASE COAT first!)




Cunnt Claws Favorite: The entire, Marc Jacobs nail lacquers are equally “cover-my-claws-ready”! However, from my outlook the one that stood out the most were, Snap! The apricot color exudes immediate feelings of exhilaration, which correlate to what spring is really about!

Primary Location Source: Sephora




3 thoughts on “Spring Invites: Polish Talk

  1. Anonymous says:

    in love with the orange color!!! i want to paint my nails now! yu are right , i dont need to spend money on artist when i can do simple stuff on my nails. plus its fun to practice when im bored! thanks cunnt claws

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