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$20,000 stacks for these CLAWS!

Have you ever try to grow your nails to a satisfying length, but couldn’t manage to do so without episodes of ‘Nail Breakage’? Fortunate enough to surpass such experience without cutting her nails for eight years, Larue Drummond is the ultimate claw inspiration for being one of the few people on earth to have grown her nails to such long length…14 inches in length at that! The 57 year old, grandmother of eight cashes out a total of $20,000 in manicure expensive (Gawd-damn), and her nail design taste are nothing basic, which include flashy nail polish colors and decorative embellishments. View the video below; as uncertain questions erupt as to how, Larue uses the bathroom and carry on her daily functionality:

Usually, a nail art session can be anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on what designs are being transferred onto the nails. How do you feel about Larue spending 12 hours at a time, to get her nails done?! (Those are claws are spoiled rotten,lol !!) Special shout-out to Larue’s nail technician for being the lady behind Larue’s CLAW-POWER!


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