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The Blossom Lounge: A taste worth acquiring!



Nail Shop: Blossom Beauty Lounge

Location: Redondo Beach, CA

Polish Lines: Orly , Vinylux, China Glaze, Esse, Spa Ritual (Vegan)

     From the moment you walk onto the premises, a feel of elegance is acquired from externally looking at the surrounding glass windows to the internal interior of hanging chandeliers and wooden bamboos –Blossom Beauty Lounge is strikingly spa heaven! With ample amount of services other than nail-art to appeal to the different customers, owner Cammy Nguyen knows the consciousness behind making her customers feel wholesome after their visit! Service such as; Nail-Art, Waxing, Hair Facials, Lashes, and Permanent Make-up all contribute to what makes the, Blossom Beauty Lounge a savvy facility to a worthy beauty investment. Accompanied by store Manager, Nicole Goodwin- she explained, The Blossom Lounge customer. Customers’ taste is well rounded and they appreciate: intimate beauty sessions and (of course) art on nails. Skilled nail-art technician are permanently on site to assist as, The Blossom Lounge’s nail-art customer base excitingly rises : (Client in photo: Britney P, displaying her floral print manicure)


blossom21[Above] To set the tone, I was so happy to give a visual of clients seen unwinding with a chill refreshment of, Chardonnay while getting a pedicure treatment. There is 3 types of treatment to choose from: Blossom Mini, Blossom Classic, and Blossom Ultimate. My favorite happens to be the “Blossom Ultimate” comes with the following process: Soaking, Nail Clipping, Reshaping, Cuticle Care, Exfoliating Scrub, Callus Removal, Foot Mask, and Hot Towel Massage.  If you are going to properly treat your “standing ovations”, this is the remediable way! To add, this wooden bamboo props that you see visible, segregate the nail shop from the private semi-cosmetic treatment room in the far back of the shop.

blossom10[Above] I-SPY : The gel department are a fun way that the, Blossom Beauty Lounge display their gel polish assortment. In bursting fun bold colors, they are all named with individuality that correlates to its description!






blossom12[Above] I-SPY: Slowly trending in the nail-art market, Sheer nail polishes can be seen used amongst nail-artist in the nail art community. Surprisingly the, Blossom Beauty Lounge customer are spoiled as they already have the leisure to choose “sheery” printed gels avaiable in bright neons colors!

blossom2[Above] I-SPY: (Customer Show out!) The Blossom Lounge’s way of sharing all their cool nail-art creations. Customize background layout and technology device is utilize for promotional purposes via social media networks!

blossom4 Nicole Goodwin (Store Manager) & I in this epic art piece

All and all, I left the west coast with a different experince to add to my journey. Blossom Beauty Lounge represent bliss! I was please to observe the organizational structure of the business which was utilize by technology dependency for all their marketing .  The images above are just a small visual of the Cunnt Claws experience. Going there and getting your own, Blossom Beauty Lounge tangible experience really tops more than I can give! You too can joining in on the experience of the beauty and nail-art services [here]









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