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Cunnt Personality for Your Space

Toiletpaper GIF

[Stumbling upon wickedly cunnt printed designs…again!] Becoming more and more intricate not only in the nail world but currently seen in life departments such as, home decors – designs are everywhere we are!

What you see is, an enameled metal drinking cup with the matching plate from the, Seletti Wears ToiletPaper suite. They were flaunted in the lobby of contemporary arts museums, MoMa PS1. The color scheme for the nails are not really focus on nail art, but just the classic red nail polish makes it openly relatable for anybody who equally loves manicures and an eclectic mixture of home décor:

plate 6

plate 2



plate 3

© 2013 Scott

The ToiletPaper brand is known for displaying unusually bizarre pictures displayed in their magazine [as seen in the first graphics] which correlates to the super interesting cunnt goodies that you can find on their ecommerce website. I recommend this website to anyone searching a gift for that one crazy friend who don’t give a shit about the “serious” of life but more so the humor. I’m sure your other eating utensils wouldn’t mind synchronizing with style.

ToiletPaper Magazine [here]


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