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Artist Chat: Kerlys Artistic Nails

kerlys 13[Sweet..sweet..T & T] With a significant amount of viewers visiting from my homeland, Trinidad base native and globally known nail artist, Kerlisha M. [Kerlys Artistic Nails] and I bonded in an instant! Nails and slang talk were definitely some of our common similarities. I have always wanted to connect with someone who was from my home country and today; I am so stocked to share with you this one-on-one and now public interview with Kerlys Artistic Nails who will be representing for the island people in the nails community! [To everyone now tuning in from or just loving the, West Indian culture: Big-upsssssss…] :

Describe the Trinidadian nail-art culture?

Hmm. Trinidadians are very creative and experimental people. I do believe however with continuous growing trends the nail art culture has increasingly developed, so designs that people called “ghetto” (which I pay no mind to foolish remarks) in earlier years you tend to see a lot of new artist adapting to the concept. The concept of changing and trying new designs.Keryls 3

How competitive is the nail-art business in Trinidad?

I’m so focused on building myself as an artist that I’m in a bubble. I do think though that the only time there should be competition is when you’re entering one.

Being creative is a vital part of your craft. Name (2) things that you suck at, no matter how hard you attempt?

I suck at the simple things as, weird as it may seem. I suck at doing basic French, although it looks neat to viewers. Also doing a, full nail of horizontal lines, lol… I’m still trying to perfect those!

kerlys 18

What kind of nail shapes do you like and is not very popular amongst your core clients?

The lipstick and stilettos shape (although the closest I get to that is pointed nails, lol)

Keeping it cunnt, in recognition of self-honesty: Unveil anything, for the first time ever?

I have Sickle Cell Anemia (SCD)

What kind of hobbies did you indulge yourself in as a child? Were those skills helpful for your profession as a nail artist?

Drawing has been my number one love! I do not consider myself an artist but I guess you can say it paid off. Literally, lol

Keryls 1

The Trinidadian accent is uniquely distinct, and may sound rather entertaining to hear from other cultures. What are some words you use often? (Dialect next to words)

When talking to clients, I use ‘sweetie’ a lot … Buh wait nah [Wait a minute]…Hear Mamaguy [You say this when someone is bribing you]…Leave meh an meh small tot tots eh [Leave me alone with my small breast]… Yuh like too much ah bacchanal [You like to much drama].

Keryls 4

You are only a part-time nail artist. What is life like when you are not drawing art on nails?

I’m either, working my day job or sleeping, lol. From time to time, I visit Tobago… which I love!

There are countless nail designs on the market. If you had to choose only one design to ‘nail-it’ for life, which design would it be?

Thank God, such a time will never occur but I guess: textured designs.

Trinidad is the birthplace of Calypso. Who is your favorite calypsonian artist?

I have a few favorites but I’ll have to say, The late Garfield Blackman better known as Ras Shorty I .

Keryls 7

 Describe business for you during, Trinidad carnival season.

Business for me as a part-time artist has been quite successful. Although, I have not taken full advantage of the carnival season due to taking time off from my day job but I intend to do so in 2015 for sure, lol

Keryls 2

 Can you cook? Share your favorite dish to ‘whipp-up’?

Cooking?? lol Yes I can cook. A favorite to make is Macaroni Pie with Stewed Chicken.

Do you ever get uninspired? What do you do when this happens?

I’ve had times when I neglect the, nail art table for a few days to relax and read a book … do some sketching. Whatever comes to mind. Eventually, this gives me inspiration for new themes and designs.Kerlys 12

Give a shout out to your favorite publication(s) or sources of well-rounded entertainment.

In my free time: I love me some, NailGurl! In addition to watching: Youtube, Instagram, Vibe Vixen and Nails Magazine to name a few.

 For the people traveling to Trinidad and Tabago for the first time, any suggestion on places, things and food they should try?

I would recommend visiting during key events like: Trinidad Carnival but don’t visit, Trinidad only. Ensure that you visit Tobago. There’s the, Tobago Goat and Crab race event just after Trinidad’s Carnival to name a few. It all depends on preference but there are always beautiful tour guides people can research. You know you’ve visited, ‘Trinbago once you start mentioning roti or doubles, lol

Keryls 5

 Here at Cunnt Claws, we have open arms for embracing cultural diversity. Talent is everywhere you are! Visit more of Kerlys Artistic Nails from, Trinidad & Tobago [Here]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I lovvvvvvve Trinidad! This is amazing. Top blogger , I went there 2 yrs with my bestie. Unique culture n foods

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