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Floss Gloss launch party: Ricky’s NYC

FLOSSBLOGThey are what you would identify as the, “modern-day’ business women. Flexing their hand game: Wearing long nails in striking colors and flamboyant hand tattoos to conduct business! Since 2011,  Floss Gloss free spirited outlook has inspires women all over the globe to take the liberation of piecing tiny holes onto their nails . Whether you fancy: ‘cigarette, basket balls or pom-poms the piercing game is on a fix hundred thanks to, Floss Gloss’ founders: Janine Lee and Aretha Sack.

 Now available in one of NYC most rad essential beauty shop, Ricky’s NYC warmly welcome Floss Gloss in their home with a super fun launch party!! Nail designs, cup cakes from Brooklyn Cakery, booze and nail piercing were just a minimal dose of what guess had in store. Halloween has come early and is already in full effect as spooky nail art designs are done by: Shirley Cheng[@scotchtapeandrhinestones] and Holly Falcone [@DollyDayInn]. With all the hot shit going down in one settings, a party aint a party without the tunes!!! Live performance from [indie and reggae] pop singer, Pastele along side Dj Gun$ Garcia:

Floss9 [Above]: Co-Founder of Floss Gloss: Aretha Sack [PonyMane]


floss6[Above] Brooklyn Cakery: DannyDSCN2437[Above] Floss Gloss (L-R): Janine Lee and Aretha Sack


FLOSS GLOSS60[Ab0ve] Babes with Claws & Cigarette…Tip drills!!!!


FLOSS23 [Above]: Cunnt Claws showcasing ‘Neon Nacho’ & ‘95% Angel’. [Below]: Nail-artist, Raquel Nevarez & Jane Weiner came out to show their support!FLOSS12

FLOSS27[Above] Purple hair, pierced tips and neon ‘Con Limon’ polish. [Below] Nail menu: RIP / Fangs / Bloddy Drips / Spider Webs / Spooky Eye / Glitter TipsFLOSS15


FLOSS19[Above- Below] Guest were so open to the idea of piecing their nails!! With the entire tool kit ready,Ponymane showed us how it goes down on that, Tip Drill life!FLOSS17




FLOSS40[Above] Nail Artist: Holly Falcone




floss50[Above] Nail Artist: Shirley Cheng


flossgloss1[Above] Dj Gun$ Garcia. [Below]: Nail Artist: Gracie J & PasteleFLOSS31

FLOSS29[Above-Below] I am not a newbie to nail piercings, but I am new to it being done on site at a nail party. No mess and its quick! Ponymane giving me the ill, ‘Tip Drill’. Between the silver and gold rings given as choices, I choose the gold ring to coordinate with the red polish.FLOSS39

floss200Floss Gloss with Ricky’s NYC founder, Ricky Kenig

Interestingly enough while chit-chating with guests, I noticed each person contributed to the same reasoning and it express the open nature of social belonging and connectedness to the nail community. Floss Gloss, makes doing business a fun experience! I came with Floss Gloss firey red polish ‘FastLane’ on my nail, and left with a badass complimentary nail ring to match![Trip drill’n] Want to thank Floss Gloss for the cool vibrations, and wishing more future success. Overly happy to be apart!

You can now find, Floss Gloss at Ricky’s NYC store or throughout their home website: FlossGloss.Com

For more miscellaneous photos from the event, [CLICK HERE]


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