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Shop-Stop: ‘WallPlay’ and ‘The Hole’

wallGood art is, art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views- Mary Schmich.

Couple weeks back I took a trip to the, Bowery area. Moving fast,  I sometimes forget to stop and look… and living here in, NYC there are many things being presented for your choice of liking. To a pleasant bombshell, I sporadically stumble upon 2 new art home:  The Hole & WallPlay.  Casually speaking, its not very often for me to stumble upon the idea of running smack into art galleries that are placed right net to each other. Similar interest and different purposes, but stoked to have visited both:


 The Hole: Is known to be a ‘creative agency’ that collaborates shops, independent brand, and artist to convey artistic stories…and I can’t forget to talk about the warm cup of coffee given from their
“ Its never enough” disposable cup- Yes! totally screaming that while gazing at my nails, lol.

When I walked into, The Hole I was astonished by voluminous space, but in the back there is a room full of everyday life-like items displayed on the floor. Current minoring in, Anthropology [The study of humans], I was drawn to the sculptured artifacts of culture objects made by, Rose Eken. Her goal is to bring awareness to a lost culture and her arrangements are all placed systematically in favor of that:

thehole11 [Above] ‘Social Must?’ / Rose Eken: All handmade and hand-painted.

wallplay12[Above] ‘Spark-it’ / Rose Eken: All handmade and hand-painted.

wallplay9 [Above] ‘Cancer Sticks’ / Rose Eken: All handmade and hand-painted.

wall play 4[Above] WallPlay: An art gallery feature contemporary arts. Their mission is to “Filling a hole in the downtown community”.

Wallplay1 copy[Above]  “I am out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message” :  T-shirt designed by: Huey Crowly. The motto of the century!

wall play 5[Above] Showing some love to, Olivia!! She is apart of , WallPlay family and is a great appreciator of art. High five to like-minded souls contributing to the art community.

Supporting the movements: WallPlay / The Hole


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