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Topshop NYC: Launches Flagship store & Pop-Up Nail Bar


On a personal tip [which I share with everyone who ask]: Topshop has and still is one of my favorite go-to shopping places to get seasonal gear at affordable prices! Whether your physical exhibits ranges from: basic to schizophrenic, Topshop caters to everyone style needs!

Having had only one location [Soho] as their primary distributors, Topshop has now launched their very own flagship store on, 5th Avenue [Rockerfeller Center]! Now extending their business to two locations for die-hard supports all around the world, oh yes!

Topshop has always been huge supporters of the beauty market. In terms of nail chit-chat for a day-one customer like myself, the British retailer made the celebration a lot more relatable as they added a: temporary Nail Bar to their operations! This impromptu pop-up shop showcased nail designs curated by editorial nail artist; Madeline Poole [@Mpnails] that highlights Topshop’s private brand nail polishes in varies colors. Vibing out the weekend with amusing ora as onsite editorial nail artists: Natalie Pavloski and Alicia Torello take turns giving customer the best nail experience! Overly excited and fun to see all the customers waiting to get their choice of polish over one complimentary nail-art design from Madeline Poole’s nail menu:


top3Nail Menu: No.5 / Multi-Color Glitter / 3-colored swipe / Reverse French w. gold detail / Chevron Print


top6[Above] Topshop nail polish: Polka Dots were the signature look for the bottle cover.


top90[Above]: Classic reverse-french manicure w/ glam No.5 design. The No.5 design represent the street which Topshop is now located on. Customer (Natalia T) / Artist: Natalie Pavloski



top55[Above] These two gals seen in the photo had so much energy and they brighten up the nail session. I am sure, Natalie could agree to this! [Below] Reverse French : Nude color with “Exhibit” polish. Customer: Ruth / Artist: Natalie Pavloski





top45Do-it-youself: Ha, really feeling the polishes and wasn’t ready to let go of my current nail-art manicure…so, I took one of the sponges used for creating ombre design and started my own “nail-art motif “….The last stokes of the burgundy color is called, Exhibit.




top69[Above] Customer: Lera O / [Below] Customer: Jaleesa Nelson



RECAP: Out of the 5 nail designs shown, 3 were a constant YES-PLEASE for customers. Above the visual points out the favorites alongside the polish that were used. Top nail design: reverse French / No.5 nails /3-colored swipe nail. Top nail polish used: Birthday Suit / En Pointe /Port De Bras / Exhibit/ Aurelian. My favorite would have to be the multi-glitter polish because it adds life to my hands and to my vibrant personality. What about you? Which Madeline Poole design would you have chosen if you were with us at the nail-bar.


3 thoughts on “Topshop NYC: Launches Flagship store & Pop-Up Nail Bar

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m always at work when all of this stuff is happening. I’m happy to get the update here. Fab

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pop up nails in Topshop💓 i wish you snap more pics of yourself #confession. The gold nail with that dark red Polish is nice well all are

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