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Artist HIGHlight: Kim Bui [Sol Lewitt]

Lewitt GifWhen an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art“-Sol LeWitt

As you know, Artist HIGHlight is curated here at Cunnt Claws to support nail artist from different continuum of talent. Embracing artist talent, I am stoked to gift you the viewers with, yet another unique nail-art emerging through the nail-art. Representing for Virginia State, Kim Bui [@SincerelyKimBui] will be expressing some of her nail creation and with the goal to inspire others in the process. Corky-cool with the ability to bring life and personality to her nail art creations, Kim’s first Artist HIGHlight is motivated by conceptual association and emphasis on American artist, Sol LeWitt.

About Sol LeWitt: Was an, American artist whose artistic style varied in the realms of basic: shapes, lines and colors. He was known for inventive conceptualism in the postwar era [1960’s]. These arts were displayed via paintings, printmaking, and wall paintings [ Now openly introducing the inspirations to the Nail Art industry, especially for newly practicing nail artists’] . Sol LeWitt altered the notion and practices of drawing and changed the correlation between the construction of the: idea and the art. Two of my personal favorites from Sol LeWitt’s artworks are the: Four sided pyramid [1965] & Serial Project, I [ABCD]. He plans out the art, which can thoughtfully be executed by others. This type of ability are a common skill both Kim Bui and I can identify with in terms of being a consistent product to ideas and artistic manifestations. The nail-art designs here is a visual demonstration of Kim Bui’s idea on Sol LeWitt’s famous conceptualism:





[Below] To all my fellow, New Yorkers or others visiting: you can see one of , Sol LeWitt’s art piece at the Columbus Circle train stop [ MTA underground train station]

[Bonus Below]: To give you more of  Kim Bui’s take on Sol LeWitt , check out some intense wall décor and accents curated off’s Sol Lewitt’s famous wall painting style: [Museum Leuven]

 Stay tune for more motivating nail art by, Kim Bui on Artist HIGHlight. Click  [Here] to see more of artist!

Comment below and share your thoughts with us on the is segment of Artist HIGHlight!


5 thoughts on “Artist HIGHlight: Kim Bui [Sol Lewitt]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wtf! Insane creativity. Cunnt Claws is a house full of talented ppl ❤️❤️Why didn’t I think this! Jealous luv this😇

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hawt!! Love everything about this. Good job the artist and you Cunt claws. I’ve been following this brand from the beginning and just want to say it’s doing a incredible Job it’s doing. Keep it going n can’t wait to see what’s next for this artist too.

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