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Cunnt Claws Trip: The Getty Museum , LA

getty30For winter break,I spent some time on the west coast catching up with all the things I missed out on the last time I went. Referred by a number of people who lived in Los Angeles, I visited The Getty art museum for the first time and was blown away! Located in the Brentwood [Bel-Air] area of Los Angeles, The Getty was founded and created by American businessman and industrialist, Jean Paul Getty. He made it an institution devoted to the art of critical thinking from some of the world’s greatest artist around. Featuring arts from Asian, American and European culture in the 19th and 20th century, The Getty gives visitors a combination of paintings, drawings, and elaborate decorative artworks:

getty10getty8getty1getty9getty7[Above] “The Restaurant” is what they call the eating and dining section inside, The Getty museum. Before anything! I decided to hit there first to get my lunch grub on, before spending hours soaking in the beautiful ambience, The Getty Had to offer. Beautifully spacious, the sophisticated restaurant over looks the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, where I saw a lot of geography with huge mansions that makes it hard to forget. In between water and a beer, I had 2 tasteful Italian dishes off the menu: Grilled Octopus & Bouillabiasse. I know you are probably gagging over the mere fact of consuming Octopus, but having it for the first time I truly think it is delightful and look forward to trying it again! For the most, Octopus is chewy…very chewy, like a rubbery texture and it is prepared with: cilantro oil, bacon, tomato mostarda, and pickled sea beans! Yummmm. On the other hand, The Bouillabiasse was a dish I am familiar with and had many times in my life. Cooked with clams, mussels, shrimp, fried onions, baby oranges and chipotle sauce- Bouillabiasse are delicious, especially with any form of toasted bread. The Getty restaurant was just one facet for a foodie to chose from, they also have both an indoor and outdoor café on the lower level, if you want to just grab a quick snack or coffee on the go.


[Above] Another great facet about, The Getty are the breathtaking VIEWS and overall architectures! Lots and lots of them! This establishment is beyond belief as to what visitors’ experience. I’ve been to a lot of museum, and by far The Getty is definitely the best in terms of architecture and scenery!!!! The gardens are cut to perfection and while I stare at them really hard for a long time, I kinda got the feeling that I was detouring a live art show called the “Garden of Heaven”. Every angle is filled with well-manicured gardens to be intrigued by…magnificent!

getty14getty45getty52getty29getty61getty3getty31getty25getty15getty21getty18getty32getty34getty46getty35getty49getty36[Above – Below] With tons of space distributed inside, most art were spaced out in each room, giving a combination of décor and art inside, The Getty. Artworks in the neoclassical era all the way up to the mind altering Italian artwork from the 19 century were all appreciate for complex messages hidden for you to decode. Classical arts were view inside the museum, while all the contemporary sculptures were spotted outdoors and where highly visible existing and entering into the different parts of the building. My favorite part of the museum has to be,“The Sketching Gallery”: this is where visitors can be interactive artist for a day. Trying to replicate your favorite artwork by sketching it onto provided sketch paper is a great indoor activity if you ask me!:


Love this museum and thankful to, Paul Getty for building this exquisite museum which seems to have an abundance of riches. It was a pleasure to visit. Until next time, Los Angeles!





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