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Artist Chat: Mei Kawajiri


              Photographer: Alyssa Greenberg

With great creativity, comes a fun an extremely talented nail artists whose expertise has taking the view on nail-art to another level. Highly sought-after manicurist Mei Kawajiri [@ciaomanhattan2012] continues to grace the world of nail art with her intricate designs. Mei’s unique talent gives the world a perspective of art that is still to this day unique yet easy to get your hands on! On varies projects, Mei has worked with a number of talented people, such as Janelle Monáe, Lana Del Rey, and Terry Richardson just to name a few.  Mei has a propensity to create looks inspired by any and everything surrounding her in the big city of, New York or anywhere she lands. The talent speaks:mei301

You clearly have a very fun and cutting edge view of nail art. What inspires your art?

I’m inspired by the city, music, food, fine art, architecture, pop culture and interesting people.

What attracted you to come to the states to do nails rather than staying in Japan?

The USA is the doorway to the rest of the world and New York is my favorite city.mei99

How did you learn to perfect hand paint and nail sculpting nail-art?

I went to beauty school in Japan and learned the basics of manicures, but as far as nail art and precision, I taught myself and am constantly refining my process and experimenting with new products and techniques.

Part of a nail artist job, is being patients with clients. Nail-art session can take hours. How do you deal with indecisive clients?


I understand the decision can be difficult and I try to work with them and make suggestions to figure out what they might like. It’s a fun process and I don’t mind.

For each great success, there is a squad close by contributing. Do you as a freelance nail designer have help?

I have a couple of amazing, talented assistants that I work with on a regular basis!MEI16

What tips or advice would you give aspiring nail artist anyone reading?

Never stop learning, it’s a process.


Hella thanks to everyone reading! Far more than passion, Mei Kawajiri is one of the nails market most innovative nail-artist. To us, she is life! Based in New York City, Mei is moving and frequently travels around the globe. Want to keep up with Mei to know the next time she’s in your hood? Enter her world here! 

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