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TTTTTTTTTCan you recollect the last time anyone invited you over for fried index fingers? Ever cross paths with a vegan gal who is hooked on boob enhancements to look like Barbie? Or people eating beef burgers in India? These incidents rarely occur… but when they do, it’s usually a small group of people who keep it on the low-low! Yep, on this season of ‘NAIL that ART!’ we are exploring social practices of TABOO, using the theory of art on the nails! Irregular practices amongst people or cultures are all measured in the acts of taboo:beauty2

[Above] Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately, when this doesn’t apply to someone self esteem, seeking other ways to visually look good-looking occurs….and at a high price. In this section, Amy Wong [@Noriandee] uses plastic surgical nail art designs to visually display our first taboo: BEAUTY. Her hand paint design highlights from the first person point of view: the addict, insecure or vein gal about that ‘under the knife’ life. People who suffer from “beauty taboo” are willing to go to the extreme to gain physical perfection! and will spend top dollar to achieve bigger boobs, fuller lips, bigger booty, or straighter nose. This is what occurs when insecurities hinders your personal happiness. In modern terms, “The Kardashians” family all spend tons of money and years enhancing their looks and It is no secret they’re obsess with altering their physicals. Everyone has the free will to do whatever makes him or her happy. You may know a friend or family member who uses excessive cosmetic surgery or exercise endlessly to “fix” external flaws. They may disclose their addiction, but most times they would’nt..

voodoo9voodoo2[Above] At some point in your life, you came across a TV show that displayed someone being a victim to someone using a doll or unique powers to put a hex on someone for whatever reason. That type of ‘superstition’ is called VOODOO. Voodoo is a religion. That first began in Haiti and regions of West Africa and has migrated to all over the world. Fabian Robles [@thenailartistfr] hand-paint nail concept describes culture of Voodoo: Death is the entry to the invisible world… Those who practice Voodoo believe that there is a merge between the visible and invisible world. A voodooist believes our ancestors are still with us in spirit: They watch over and inspire us. Blood, hair and a doll with someone name or picture pinned to a “Hoodoo Doll”, is another taboo that has been in use for thousands of years and is still practiced today! Our nail-artist, Liam Taylor [ @Liampeterrabit] nail canvas is textured with cotton-balls and 3-d accents of materials used by those owning a ‘hoo-doo’ doll. These types of dolls are often found on altars where they are objects of worshipping and devotion.

food300food1[Above] The Cunnt Claws we like to eat cow foot soup, fried shark, and on occasion: sauté octopus… Yum! But BIBLE: we are sure most of you would deny dinner with us with what we like on the menu. People all over the world indulge in insane ‘Food Taboos‘ that are only desirable to that culture or amongst a small group of folks. The nail-art for this caterogery of taboo is created by Trizia [@fancyfingerz3dnailart]. Trizia adds: cat, pig, dog, Korean hot dog, monkey brain and a beef burger with henna design. Stemming from foods that are against the cultural norm in parts of the world. In Brazil, people sick are restricted from consuming: fish, shrimp, shellfish and lobsters. Asian cultures, cats and monkey brain are common but here in the western world, such foods are frown on. Cow is a symbol of wealth, strength and selfless giving. But In India even though they are the world biggest beef exporter, no beef! Cow is considered a sacred animal, so you would not be able to get a beef anything at a restaurant in India. On the contrary, in the western world here in the United States, eating beef is very common. Like, burger with cheese is fast and lunch for someone on the go!

eye5[Above] Sex is overrated , so why not indulge in erotic eye-ball licking? WAIT WHAT? … Licking eyeballs is not something we do, or is it “natural”. Oculolinctus is this weird taboo that involves one person licking the eye-balls of another people. In parts of the world, natives from Japan and the U.S. Virgin Island embraces the idea of ‘eye ball’ licking. But we can’t seem to wrap our head around the idea and purpose. Reasons to why, taboos are kept secret or hidden. There is precaution to gaining pleasure from this habit. You can catch a serious eye infection from Oculolinctus.In Bosnia, a woman uses the format of ‘eye-ball’ licking to cure people with eye disease. Hava Cebic discovered her gift while young and continued into her adult age curing people in her town for over 35 years!! Eyes and tongue concept claws from Amy Wong [ @norianna]

language8language1[Above] Cunnt Claws is taboo within itself. “Bitch you cute”… “wassup my nigga” …. You’re such a fab cunt!”. Dont trip its just ‘Language Taboo‘. What you say and how you say it can intensify a conversation between two people so watch your mouth darling, where’s the filter? It can be offensive or a compliment of some sort depending on how it was delivered and the settings in which it was said. Grandma promise to wash your mouth out, because she thinks it filthy and in reality it’s just slang or just a form of taboo being practice among a small group of people who thinks there’s nothing wrong loose lips, lol. Body language also falls here: having the classic “resting bitch face” seems to make people think you’re mean or make them think your holier than thy! but, really that’s just people’s natural formation of face speaking to your character. Celeste Welch [@celestemariewelch] designs “Soft Cunt” & “Weed Baby’ while using hard gel, glass nails, metallic foils and hand paint lettering nails. Loose lips come in different forms, clearly!!!

Narcotics200narcotics3[Above] Narcotics…Medicine…Drugs = Pain releasing remedy. The dictionary use the fancy term, but in the streets these pain relievers are known as: marijuana, heroin, percocet , ecstasy, crack , lsd, morphine or opium, etc. Both helpful and harmful to you’re well-being depending on the proportion of intakes. The queen of London, used marijuana to ease menstrual cramps! In California, marijuana relives pain from chronic stress or pain as a whole. Some of us occasional use drugs while hanging out with friends, celebrating good times or looking to exist from reality! Using “drugs” doesn’t mean you are bad person. Society only oppose because narcotics can be addictive to someone close. It’s not cool knowing one of your friend or family is a strung out addict. And chances are, a strung-out addict never admits to being hook on drugs…. TABOO MUCH?
transexualism2[Above] In life, isn’t it fufilling to choose…Choose your nail polish, choose whether you stay in bed all day today? or Choose to be optimistic about the rain pouring down on your wedding day? So why isn’t it ok to be a transsexual folks? The concept of choice and free will still applies! Our gender defines us as individuals and as a society. It influences how we act and interact, and even our characteristics. Strength and aggression are seen as masculine while sensitivity and insight are feminine. So when you can’t distinguish male from female, the idea of gender becomes confusing, disturbing and at times, frightening! Transgender or transexual is someone who changes his or her biological sex. Tv personality and retired Olympic athlete, Bruce Jenner is a modern day example of the transsexual taboo! For many years, he hid the secret of wanting to be a woman and not living life as a man. After having a sex change in 2015, he became she: Caitlyn Marie Jenner. All by using surgical procedures to develop the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.. And when you thoughts the public was totally against the idea, Caitlyn won, ‘woman of the year’ in 2015! Dessima [@Dess_sure] concept humanistic claws in nude tones to show the transition of transexualism: Man change to woman / woman change to man. Having a sex change does not mean the person is any less human. Secrets, lies or honesty: transexulism being a taboo is still debatable but really…it shouldn’t.

cannibalism 12cannibalism 8[Above] “Starvation was so bad that cannibalism became stylish”- Lou Dunst. If you had no other source of food, would you opt for eating someone? In North Korea, a “famine” happened where there was a shortage of food. As a result, men and women ate their children out of starvation. Anyone who eats human flesh and organs is considered to be a, Cannibal. Don’t matter the etiquette… Your ass is on the menu, ‘Everybody tastes the same’ nail concept by nail artist Savannah [@sweetandsavvynails]. It is not fully known where the practice of cannibalism originated from exactly but the taboo has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years. Living in New Guinea, Africa or China, people embraced and welcome the idea of cannibalism. Creep’d out or intrigued: eating human flesh has red flags. Dead human may carry a disease, virus or infection that can be spread through the practice of cannibalism. Dinner is served, have a piece of the 3 dimension details of Savannah’s nail-art design!

Lit topic! Glad to open more thoughts and ideas to the nails market. Each artist bought their artistic vision and we hope to educate you more while having fun. Taboo helps us to cope with ourselves. Just when you thought your habits and customs where extreme, its not. Theres someone on the other side of the globe indulging in weird shit!
Which taboo topic really gross you? Which topic are you guilty of indulging in. Leave your comments!
Visit the international nail community for more diverse nail-art: @sweetandsavvynails  @cunntclaws @fancyfingerz3dnailart @Norianndee@m.smrt @thenailartistfr @celestemariewelch @mayasmrt  @Dess_sure  @liampeterrabit




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