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Recap: Hella Flossin Paaarty!

(Burst Of ENERGY) Yaaay lets rock! On this special day, some of the nail art community most talented nail gals was at, The Studio in Brooklyn for the , “Hella Flossin” spontaneous fun. So what better way to kick off the joy, than to throw a nail party open for all the nail art lovers! Conceptual nail artist- Christina Rinaldi teamed up with Floss Gloss brand owner, Janine Lee to give customers a tangible up-close-in-person session of purchasing the kick-ass color assortment from the spring collection. Some even got a chance to utilize, Floss Gloss polish with their banging manicures. Along side the cool crowd that the came to party, nail artists’ – Christina Rinaldi ( Prima Creative) , Jessica About Nassar (Ghetto Nailz) , Taylor Watson (SF Party Nails) , Eda Leveson ( Lady Fancy Nails) and Claire R. ( FNGRBLST) – where on site to service customers with some DOPE nail art manicures! I was sooooo ready for this joy ride!!


FlossGlossin8Nail Artist: Christina Rinaldi

IMG_7399Yes! I’m excited!!

gang(Left-Right) Christina RinaldiJessica Abou Nassar / Janine Lee 

FlossGloss25Ghetto Nailz: Jessica Abou Nassar  /    Me: Nikiba Marshall

FlossGlossin5(Right-Left) Raquel Nevarez / Ria Lopez / Illy Lussiano / Jessica Washick / Suzi Analogue

FlossGlossin6YEAh BOI! The finish product… GHETTO NAILZ hook”d my claws up 🙂


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Saay WHAT?! :  COATED! Creating something utterly new to the Brooklyn market, skillful nail artists and jewelry artists from all across the board collaborates to giving the nail industry THY GREATEST epic nail art exhibition in the modern day art scene. Within each catergory, nail artist had to create nail art using every day material- in commentary to representing the different technics it takes to “coat” and/or “cover each artistic category style. Eye opening, the level of inspirational creativity stunned guests!! COATED featured exhibitors; Christina Rinaldi, Ami Vega, Kelly Blackwell, Marie Helene, Ria Lopez, and Ashley Baptiste are some that where, WOHA! Check out the vids below to know what type of ingredients used in the production to some dope S%*#!


Where: The Studio

Conceptual Coordinator: Christina Rinaldi ( Prima Creative)