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Artist Chat: Brass [NailgasmTV]

nailgasmtv brass

Being the very first nail art video post for the Cunnt Claws’ launched in, August – NailGasmTv have become one of the most influential documentary film sources for the nail art community, and nail lovers all around the world! To exaggerate the word innovative, Ayla Montgomery (Brass), who is the creator of NailgasmTV – is truly a gift from the nail gods, and an inspirational influence for the motivated women of today. Brass, not only pursued her dreams but has achieve the job of giving us awesome content of nail art documentary videos to reminisce over. These recognizable videos consist of the many different facets of nail art gurus that has made the nail art movement what it is today, a uniquely innovative phenomenal! At a cozy, Lower East Side eatery- I caught up with, Brass when she visited the big apple to get the full scoop on her entire NailgasmTv experience! Check out the thoughts to Ms.Nailgasm herself! :

For the uninformed viewers , what is NailgasmTV? And what year did the NailgasmTV movement started?

Launched in December of 2012- Nailgasm is a documentary about nail art, and kinda how it filtered from the urban culture. (It is global…it is everywhere… from Japan…its in London)…It’s all over the world, and a lot of women are making businesses out of it. They are becoming entrepreneurs, so that is what drew me to making it a documentary.

What is your professional background?

I graduated from USC (in Los Angeles), with a degree in- Political Science. When I got out of college, I worked at BET in the animation department (which had nothing to do with my degree). Then, from there I eventually worked in the business operations department at, BET doing the budgets. I got laid off and when I got laid off, I asked myself, “What exactly do you want to do?” So I just started making mini documentaries about stuff and here I am. I defiantly have plans to make more documentaries and do more video productions.

Prior to doing, NailgasmTV, what was your occupation prior?

I worked at a couple of clothing lines, but mainly productions and that’s the plans going forward.

What is it like for Brass, when you are not busy traveling doing documentaries?

Very boring…I need a life, lol! But for the most part, I am usually doing research or promoting, NailgasmTV online or something. Yeah, I really don’t have a live outside of NailgasmTV, sadly.

Your favorite country/ City to visit?

It is a tie between, Japan and New York. I say Japan more, BUT I don’t speak Japanese… so it is really difficult to get around in Japan. I love New York and try to come here as often as possible.

Since, Japan is one of your favorite places…what is your favorite Japanese word?

Biru! Which means, beer.

List a few of people you really enjoyed working with?

I enjoy everyone. Going to Japan to see, Disco Nails was incredible! She was super nice! She really took her time to show me, Japan. It was really fun to have someone who spoke Japanese and show me things around, Japan. Just being around so many women who follow their dreams, and entrepreneurs. I think it takes an incredibly brave person to just do whatever they want to do, and not just HAVE a job, but have the job they want to have. It is not easy being a nail artist (by any means). In a lot of places, nail art is still not very well accepted (at least NOT if you are a doctor or lawyer). So people who are going against the grain have a special place in my heart.

How often do you get manicures?

Not enough! I usually try to have one of my girls’ to do it, but they are usually crazy busy. So I end up doing them myself and that is usually every other week or every couple of weeks.

To state the obvious, you have tried a bazillion beauty product. What are some of your favorite products? Any product that you recommend we MUST try?

For the glitter addicts (I love glitter!), I think Deborah Lippman makes amazing glitters. Also, Sinful colors make amazinnnngg glitters and it is a cheap’y drugstore brand. So if you are going to do glitter, one of those is really good.

NailgasmTv-Deborah L

We are huge supporters of feminism, here at Cunnt Claws. What do feminism mean to you, and how do it play a role in your life?

I think feminism to me is like being, pro woman. I do not put down other people (in public at least). I never say anything negative on the, Internet. Anything I do say is uplifting. If I don’t have something uplifting to say, then I wouldn’t say anything at all because people would be like, “Ohhh, look at this!”…”What you think about this!” and if I LITERALLY do not have anything nice to say, I just would not say anything. For me, feminism is just being uplifting. It plays a huge part in my life by just being a positive influence. Me as a filmmaker, I want to see more people uplifting each other. Not just uplifting yourself and what your are doing, but uplifting other people you like and the people’s stuff that you support. I think if you spend more time uplifting what you do like; instead of down playing what you don’t like, the world would be a better place. I am all about putting positive energy out, because when you put positive energy out (and yeah you WILL get negative energy) you will attract positive energy back. When you are always saying nasty negative things, then that is what you will attract. Haters are everywhere no matter what you do, but that shouldn’t stop you from being a positive uplifting person.

Do you speak any other languages besides English?

Ahhh, no. I speak minimal, Spanish…. minimal, Italian, but no- not enough to brag about.

If you was given a lucky token from the nail gods, to created the nail art world in 15 years, what would it look like?

It would look like LED lights (like nails that light up), because I haven’t seen that yet. I heard it’s coming though! There is actually a company in, Japan or Korea- that when your phone rings your nails light up. If you look at my Facebook page, I actually post about it. That is the future…Nails that light up!

You just started a fairly new project called, Pretty Rad! Congrats on that! Tell us more.

Yes, I am a part of- Pretty Rad. It is actually my friend, Stella project. She is a celebrity make-up artist out in, L.A. and she also went to film school. So she’s bridging the gap between the beauty world and the film world. Stella got together a couple of her friends; one of her friends’ is a stylist, another one of her friend does hair, and I do nail art documentaries. Hence, she wanted to do a mini documentary show about us, but I do not know exactly what she has in store. You just have to keep watching at, .

What kind of obstacles do you encounter being a young entrepreneur?

Money is a big obstacle. I think NailgasmTV would’ve been a totally different project had I have like, ten million dollars. Overall, I think that is the biggest challenge or obstacle… but I make it work with what I have,which is not a ton.

For those bravo souls out there trying to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, what vital advice(s) can you give to them?

Number one and most importantly, love what you do! No matter if you want to become an entrepreneur, a doctor, a lawyer, or do nails. Whatever it is, you have to love what you do, because it gets really hard. The only thing that is going to carry through is the love you have for what you do. Number two, have a plan! You don’t necessarily have to wait until the timing is right to do something, but have a plan. I quit moving forward with my job to do, NailgasmTV, but I had a plan! Since my job, I had six months worth of money to live off of so I can focus on this a hundred percent. It didn’t work out exactly the way I wanted it to, but you have to have some type of plan. Understand that things are going to change. You can’t predict everything, so love what you do and have some type of plan!!

You are going to launch your newest documentary, at the Urban World festival this weekend. How is this particular project different from all of the rest of your documentaries?

The previous projects that I have done have all been music related. I have a lot of musician friends in L.A. , who are musicians- for example, Odd Feature. I do a lot of stuff for them, and I have other friends who are also musicians that I produced work for. But this is the first project that I am DIE HARD interesting in. I genuinely love nails! I look at them all day on, Instagram! That is what makes this project different. It is something I am completely OBSESS with!

nailgasmtv nails

Describe your experience at, AMC Theater for the screening?

It was really amazing! It is really amazing to see your project on a movie screen (I never envision that). Originally, I was just going to put it online and whatever happens…happens. To see it on a movie screen and for it to get the reaction that it has gotten is just, incredibly amazing!

What is your worst experience throughout this entire, NailgasmTV experience and the life lesson(s) you learnt from it?

New york was, for Nailgasm. We had a screening, and there was a blizzard! In, New York everything shuts down. I was super excited to be here for fashion week, and then a day LATER it was a blizzard! Listen (lol), I am from, L.A. and I have seen snow once in my life…so for my second experience to see a blizzard, AND THE ENTIRE city covered in snow, subway shut down- I was like, “OH MY GOSH! WHAT THE HECK!” Then, I got stranded in the subway one night for a whole hour. The subway that I needed to get back to my friend’s place wasn’t working and I didn’t have cell phone reception. It was just a horrible night! But I made my way home safely and it taught me if you wait long enough, things will get where it need to go. That was a huge hugggeee learning lesson.

What upcoming projects should keep an eye out for?

I want to expand, NailgasmTV. The film does not feature a lot of male, only one. Since then, I have learned that there are a lot of dudes that do nail art. LIKE A LOT !! So I definitely want to find more guys and interview them and really get their stories out.

Any final thoughts you like to share with the, Cunnt Claws viewers?

Watch the film. You can stream it or download it at [ ]or you can order the [DVD]. It will be the best 35 minutes of your life!


….Women are inspirationally empowering…


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  1. Absolutely! I love reading your posts 🙂 I left the North 6 years ago and you bring me back through your blog. You fill me in on wassup up top, what I am not getting from magazines. Nail art ain’t new and I am glad you let the people know. Please continue to be “Cunnt” and I will forever be a follower!

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