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Birthday Link: Cirque Colors x Lady J. Jewlery

c30As most independently owned business owners can agree, (to some extend) starting a business is never an easy task. Placing all one’s energy into something can be viewed as a gamble to life, as heights of an adrenaline rush occur not knowing if that business can be a hit or a miss. While life continues to school itself, good luck and success has hit a well-deserved home run for entrepreneur, Annie Pham of Cirque Colors nail polish brand.Celebrating her years of hard work, it is now the two-year anniversary of Cirque Colors!

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NYFW Fall 14: Less Overdone

Making yet another appearance on the high-end fashion and beauty scène this season, nail art is noticeably not going anywhere!! Designers from all different realms embraced the art of making the statement on nails a continuing trend, which shows the market of the high nail art demand. However, this season the nail designs were not about over exaggerated prints and patterns that were seen last season! For Fall 2014, designers took a more classic approach by doing more shorter nails in two-tones polishes as seen on the runways by some designers such as; Adam Selman, Peter Som, and Tess Giberson. I was anticipating to see a bit more over the top nails designs on the runways as seen on runway at The Blonds show, but I guess designers wanted to keep the focus more on the garments and letting the minimalistic nail art be that little extra accessory to finish off their collection. Nonetheless, still appreciative! And shout-out to all the designers who welcomed nail art back onto the runways for another season!(The nail gods are smiling from above):

desigualDesigual: Sold gold polish w/ accents of embellishment

adam selmanAdam Selman: “Goth French”

rebecca minkoffRebecca Minkoff: Ultra neons hues, to up-play a classic french tip design

tess gibersonTess Gibson: French Manicure in metallic black base polish w/ white tips


Peter-Som-Fall-2014Peter Som: [Cunnt Claws Fav] Reverse french in black & white polish

nicole millerNicole Miller: Ombre application in a “feather-like” effect

emersonEmerson: Negative space design w/ slanted tips in black & grey color

Cushnie-et-Ochs-Fall-2014Cúshnie et Ochs: [Cunnt Claws’ Fav] Claws in flourescent and matallic hues!!

the blondsThe Blonds [Cunnt Claws’ fav]: Guns, grenades, and mask faces!!! Inspired by the “Comic Book Villians” movie. Special shout-out to, CND for this awesome cunnt design!!

Degen-Fall-2014Degen: [Cunnt Claws’ Fav] Rainbow & Sky nail design!!!

Other Related #NYFW14 Nail-Art: (Ohhh girl lemme see your nails!) Even though the majority designers for Fall 2014 kept their nail-art looks simple, here are (2) gals that were spotted giving me life!!! :

fashion gals2Nails By: Ghetto Nailz / Claws: Marawa [ World Hoola Hoop Master]

fashion galsNails by: Naomi Yasuda/  Claws: Jubilee [Female Dj]

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Nail Art Selfie: Master Class Kit

 In 2012, nail polish sales zoomed sky high due to consumers just wanting to have nice-looking manicures. Now in 2013, sales are still climbing but with a twist- nail art. With major help from the entire nail art community; adding artful details with those alluring nail polish colors has been one of the trendiest things to do.

 With nail art in high demands- it is no better time for the, Master Class do-it-yourself kit to be introduce to the growing nail crave market. This three part kit developed from the collaboration of Forsythe Cosmetics’, Marlyuemoren Roq and Cunnt Claw’s cunnt artist, Shelley Burns to encourage nail lovers to become their own nail artist and master skills that would usually be accomplished by a professional.

To get a bigger and better understanding of what you can do with this must-have product, it is only right to test it first hands on! The three different parts to the Master Class kit are; Gemology, Metal Shop, and Geometry. All hand models are friends who offer their time to experience the, Master Class manicure from yours truly, Cunnt Claws! (Shout-out to all the participatory hand models that actually opened up to trying nail art for the first time!!)

Kit 1: Gemology


SONY DSCHand Model: Zulayka Adams


Kit 2: Metal Shop (Cunnt Claws’ Favorite)SONY DSC

SONY DSCHand Model: Sin Cere (MAN-icure)


SONY DSCHand Model: Julia Leung


Kit 3: GeometrySONY DSC

SONY DSCHand Model: Jennifer Rubinshteyn

SONY DSCHand Model: Lizzy Carmella


The entire experience made it easy to get hooked on , DIY manicures. It is also therapeutic to the soul. Our favorite is hands down, the Metal shop and experts Shelley Burns prefers the, Geometry kit. According to Shelley, “The base color is so, glamorous and the one brush stroke application is to DIE FOR!!” 

Distributed RetailersFred Segal, Bloomingdals, and Urban Outtfitters  OR  Shop now at : ColorClub.Com 

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Really: I hate nail art!

Yikes! ohhhhh boy. Everyday at, Cunnt Claws there is a daily routine check for the latest nail art news. However, today was different. As I was doing our usual press clippings for the day , I stumble across an article from freelance writer, Kristin Booker that really captured our full attention. Below, is the story of a women who claims she hates nail art and is totally over it, hmmmmmm. Guys please read through, and tell us your thought by commenting or shooting an email to (SEE BELOW) :

booker_I hate nail art_ 10.1.13

As an editor who works in the beauty space, I have seen my fair share of trends come and go. You want to rock neon streaks or ombre hair color? Great. Feel like you want to reconnect with your crimping iron? I’ll hold the cord while you enjoy an ’80s staple. Flowing Raphaelite waves and the white girl weave phenomenon? Still cute, but hopefully ending its time on the red carpet. But, there is no other beauty trend that makes me stabby like nail art on a grown woman.

I wrote a piece for xoJane a while ago on “nail art” that you can do on your own, and it’s about as arty as I get on the hands: a solid base with two swipes of color forming a V shape, as created by nail expert Jin Soon Choi. I’ve gone through moments with nail transfers, multiple colors of polish and I’ve even had a second or two of fleeting flirtation with a custom designed accent nail, but the more I see grown women sporting full-on childlike cartoons on their nails, the angrier I get. 
Do I feel this way about glitter polish? Absolutely not. For some strange reason, the idea of unleashing your inner drag queen on your hands in an explosion of Studio 54 flecks is not even a problem. I love a sparkle. I’ve had long-time affairs with everything Deborah Lippmann does when it comes to sparkly polish. Crushed gems, foil flecks, real precious metals — bring it on and invite some friends. Life’s a disco, I love the nightlife, got to boogie.
Embellishment on the nails? This is when things start to get a little touch and go. I love a pyramid stud at the base of a manicure, but even that starts to be a bit much for every day life…for me. 
Where I absolutely draw the line though is when actual cartoons appear on the nails of a woman over the age of 21. I think once you give up upside-down keg stands and move into the real world, you should stop doodling on your nails. I’ve seen grown-ass women with Strawberry Shortcake characters etched into their polish and other women just drooling over it. I totally lost it when Zooey Deschanel had a film strip and a movie camera running across her hands at the Oscars. Because her nail art proved a point to me: Who is going to take her seriously as an adult woman with cartoons running across her hands
I’m not saying that ballet-slipper pink is the only way to go. I’m not even suggesting you stick to one color. If you want a Reverse French manicure with neon green tips and half moons, do your thing. You can even stripe the tips of your nails in two thin stripes or brush a color or two across a solid base.
However, when your nail designs require someone to take a thin pen and immortalize your love for Captain Caveman or your favorite childhood breakfast cereal on your fingertips, stop and think to yourself, “Do I need to be taken seriously this week?” If you do, please rein in the art until vacation time.
Bring out the crazy for a girls’ weekend if you MUST. But in my opinion, we have enough issues with the infantilization of women as it is without giving anyone any ammo. Let’s keep the nail art simple and easy and maybe let the kids have the cartoons with breakfast cereal on Saturday mornings. (Source via: xojane)