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Nail’d by TipGang!

Ever been so excited that you actually get a dream about the thing you were excited about? Well guys, this is living proof! I took a trip this weekend up to Bronx’s finest, The Nail Factory, to have my nails pierced from Cunnt Claws’ friend, Fallon (TipGang). OMG, words can not explain how excited I was to get started on my nail set! The main objective was for my nail to be drill with some form of technical tool, to execute the “pierced nail” look and I didn’t care too much of how long it would have taken. After four hours of some serious nail work, Fallon satisfied all of my cunnt crave nail addictions of this new trend, which has been long over due! (doom, dooom doooommmm) Check out the documented images below:

tipgang me 4See, it wasn’t bad after all!! A lil hole in your finger wouldnt hurt, LOL

tipgang me 2

tipgang me 3Fallon in the background giving, TIPGANG while I display nail art from the right hand.

TIPGANG MEIm in awe!!!!

If you haven’t already checked out, Tipgang’s interview click here


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