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NYC Comic Con 2013

Counting down to the days of Halloween, this weekend the festivities was in full force at New York’s Comic Con 2013. Cosmic Con is an annual convention that is held at the, Javits Center located on the West side of Manhattan. With over 9,000 comic nerds and vendors (all types of people dressed up in costumes) join together for a four-day indoors blast. According to sources, Comic Con tickets were sold out since, April!!! Gesssh! The building were jam-packed, and the energy there was so turnt up to the ultimate max. All the attention was zoomed on the animated characters walking around in their getup costumes and the, “I Nailed New York” booth!!! Each day there were a different set of nail artist- but on this day, some of New York’s best nail artist; Ria Lopez (Ria’s Nailz), Shelley Burns (Shell Breezy), Mimi Wilson (Nails by Mimi), Ashley (Naked Ash Nails), Kelly Blackwell(I_Nailed_it) and Alicia (Alicia’s Nails) came out to display their talent and indeed all of the nail menus presented were tricked out with many different characters which at some point you either adored or were freaking petrified of!! I am so proud of all the lovely artists who participated in the Comic Con convention!! Nail art is gradually pushing the limits and is evolving to a diverse light of life, and it is slowly becoming a lifestyle to many. Pre-Halloween party? Yes, Comic Con indeed had everyone warmed up for what is to come in regard to, Halloween amusement! Getting wicked manicures to show off with your costumes! Child pleaseeee, what more can a gal ask for? No regrets, just a good ass turn out!




SONY DSCArtist: kelly Blackwell (I_Nailed_it)


SONY DSCArtist: Alicia’s Nails

SONY DSCA few from New York’s Dope Nail-Crew : Alicia / Mimi Wilson/ Ria Lopez / Shelley Burns


SONY DSCLovveee Kelly’s claws while she work her magic on customer’s claws!

SONY DSCThis costume is way to cool!!! She actually had claws! POW!

SONY DSCArtist Claws: Ashley (Naked Ash Nails)


SONY DSCNot only are the nail art cool to stare at, but so are the artist!!! Smile, Ria!!! with yo’ FashionableSELF….

SONY DSCThis nail menu is the truth!!!! Colors & characters…. WANT


ccphoneArtist: Mimi Wilson

SONY DSCArtist: Ashley(Naked Ash Nails) / Kelly Blackwell (I_Nailed_It)

SONY DSC Our fav!! Super Mario costume…This goes with Kelly’s Claws below

SONY DSCSuper Mario, nail theme!!! Details…details…


SONY DSCA super satisfied customer, ready for Halloween!!!!


That’s it folks!!!! Comic Con 2013 was a, BANG !!! We are now fully ready for Halloween, are you?!!!!


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