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Halloween Extravaganza

Back at it again, our Halloween journey is still in motion. Come!…Jump on the claw track, and take a ride with us!!! WE READY… AND OFF LET’S GO:

thisisveniceThese claws are what you call a FULL SET of mix patterns!

photo 2Solid color detailing on both thumbs w/ a four finger nail art on the tips

peenkisthenewblack halloweenEye balls & Human INTESTINE: Super creative theme that really make us cringe !!!

tipgang…Bondage, bruises, and Frankenstein…RUNNNNNN! (To the nail shop that is,lol)

ilovemynailsEverything here exudes scary then w/ a touch of lips and tongue, a more playful vibe is created (Side Note: The pinky is actually a 3-d)

photoVintage style claws…. The humanistic figures displayed, takes us back to the old horror movie days

photo 2.Trick or Treat anyone?? Yep, I’ll have the eye-balls lollipop please!

tumblr_mv0xavQGcV1se3hxoo1_500Simple spider web design with the highlight of negative spacing

A little bumpy, but did you enjoy the ride? Tell us your favorite designs! 


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