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Happy start to Halloween!

Halloween is becoming near and near, and while this is proceeding nail artist from all cross the globe are already on board with their nail designs! Halloween is another outlet where individuals can get away with expressing themselves purposefully. Unfortunately, this holiday is only for one day(booooo) but buckle up for a joy ride here at Cunnt Claws, which will last from now up until the day of Halloween (yeppie!).  Enjoy some kicker imaginative claws from the hottest artist in the industry, ENJOY!

Sammi Sparkles halloween


fleuryrose nails 2

nancy mc halloween2

BONUS VIDEO:  It would be totally forbidden to present Halloween without mentioning one of our favorite (former soul singer) Amy Winehouse. She is really a inspiration for today’s video.  Here is a how-to nail art video tutorial on how you to can bring Amy back to live! Did you get chills yet?!


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