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Nail Artist : Cristal B. (TOUT EST BOMBE)

 Nail Shop : Polish Bar

 Location : Clinton Hill, Bk-Ny

 Polish lines / Wraps : Zoya, CND, Essie, OPI, China Glaze, ncLA

There is an explosive bomb that literally dropped out of the atmosphere this week…but await! It is not the kind of bomb that you are thinking about which came and caused a lead of destruction. Keep Still! While, having fun on this miraculous expedition the experiences are to show representations of the talented women who make up the different facets of the nail art community.

 Coming direct from, Brewerytown- Cristal B. (Tout Est Bombe) came into, Cunnt Claws hometown for an entire weekend (yah! Yah!) and what greater way to welcome, Ms.Bombe than showing up with a warm, Helloo!

SONY DSCCristal B.




SONY DSCHere is the hand of a customer, who is about to try TOUT EST BOME’s  nail-art. She mentioned due to work, she would’nt be able to go crazy with the designs, lol. (One nail art finger at a time people, and in the process you get everyone comfortable with you hand party. Then  after one hand, you go HAM with a full ten finger design- which you can choose to have dramatic or subtle. You call it!)




SONY DSC(Great place for a cozy, “me-time”) Some of the service offered at the, Polish Bar: Make-up, Body waxing, Eyelash installations, Manicure and Pedicure.




SONY DSCThe best part and more stimulating purposeful reasons to visit this swanky nail shop:

(PARTY, PARTY, and SOME MO’PARTY!!) The, Polish Bar have an awesome status for arranging parties for customers who choose to spend a secluded day pampering friends and love ones. This party can included anything from having a make-up session to just a calm setting for mani’s & pedi’s.


SONY DSCYesss for this!!! Grace Jones

SONY DSCThat BOMB that came to town, and I!!!

CUNNT THOUGHTS>  Straight from the source, Cristal B. shares some of her last thoughts from the whole experience! :  Polish Bar, is a great natural nail salon that specializes in doing; gel manicures, Minx, specialty pedicures etc. They also sell my favorite nail wraps, from ncLA! I’m honored to call, Polish Bar my BK home over the next few months starting, November 22-23.  

For more inquires : POLISH BAR   /  TOUT EST BOME


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