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Artist Chat: Hail Nails

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For everyone who is tuning in today that focus heavily on nail art, this next interview is a must-read! Made for nail art specifically, we are glad to present to you, Hail Nails. Still rather new to the market, Harlem creator- Shannon Marcec once took a shot at being a nail artist but to her discovery, she realize that this outlet was not her calling. Still having a substantial passion for all things nail art, Shannon found her passion and venture her career into making nail polishes that you will soon grow to appreciate!

Introduced to the market for the first time ever, earlier this year right here at Cunnt Claws, Shannon Marcec is back again to share with us her Fall 2013 collection, Gothrotica that is released today!! :

Describe Hail Nails fall collection. How it differs from the spring collection?

The fall collection is called, Gothrotica. The feeling of the colors is dark, moody, and sensual. There are two colors in the nude family, because I think any color in the nude realm is insanely sexy. The other four colors are so dark they’re almost black, but the tones: shimmer and micro glitter, make each color very unique and multidimensional.With the summer collection: Dipped Set, the colors are bright and fierce in their own right. But, I’m not really one for seasons: I’ll wear neon in the dead of winter and black in 90 degree weather.

What were some of your personal inspirations this season, in regard to creating?

My inspiration is always the art of nail art. I felt I didn’t totally get that across with the look book for the first collection, which just showed my inexperience. But everything is a learning experience. For this fall collection- I commissioned, Nail Gurl to make a bra out of tips using the Gothrotica colors. I’ve always admired her work, so I provided her with the colors and she went HAM. Even though I’m not a nail artist, I love thinking outside of the box when it comes to nail art. There really are no limits to it.

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Last season, Hail Nails def had a cool selective set of colors, and with some uniquely dope names for each color. Tell us what inspired the names that were chosen for each color this season?

The name, Fetish Fund (extremely dark green color) comes from mixing the worlds of deep-seated desires and money. It can be glamorous or dirty, you be the judge.

Chola Noir ( oxblood color), I was inspired by sexy cholas. Duh. lol

Sapphire Smut (navy microglitter color) is all about the levels of seduction. With one coat it’s grayish with blue microglitter, but add an extra coat and it takes on a captivating, sparkly dark blue.

The word tramp is an old fashioned word for a whore, but vamp is a name for a femme fatale. Vamp Tramp ( shimmery dark purple) is inspired by the women who embrace the labels society gives them for expressing their sexuality. This color is a velvety and empowering purple.

Lust Butter (nude color) is inspired by skin tones and nakedness. Yum!

Moscato Magic (tapricoty-nude color with glitter) comes from the magic created after you get enough moscato in your system. Ha!hail nails 2

Before you started your own line, which nail product(s) would you adorn over?

Part of the reason I started my own line is, because I never felt a loyalty to any other nail polish brands. I loved Milani glitters and the packing of MAC polishes, but I was also into unique Sally Hansen and Revlon polishes. I also really like Model’s Own polishes and packaging. My nail polish collection is bi-polar.

Which color is your absolute favorite, and which colors do you predict will be favored by the market?

There’s no way I can pick just one. I mean, this collection could’ve been 12 colors, but it’s 6 because they are my absolute favorites. Lust Butter, is the perfect nude and Chola Noir is the ultimate oxblood, so those are at the top of the list. But I adore Moscato Magic, which is a take on nude glitter that I don’t think anyone has seen before. Also, Sapphire Smut is just plain ol’ elegant. I love how multidimensional Vamp Tramp is, and Fetish Fund is a beautiful alternative to black lacquer. I think out of all of them Chola Noir will be the top seller, but we’ll see.

You being the creator of an amazing product, what is your interpretation(s) of a good quality nail polish?

First off, thank you!! Good quality nail polish is about two things, the formula and the overall product. I’m a firm believer in “one-coat-polish”. Even if the color deepens with multiple coats, I have to know that if I am on the move, I’ll look good with just one coat and won’t be left with some streaky mess. Even when I was just a consumer, the overall product meant a lot to me. I wanted to spend my money on a product that I know someone took a real effort to make—whether it’s creative names, cool caps, or bold packaging.With Hail Nails, I spend a lot of time concepting each color. A lot of thought and pickiness goes into the formulas, the names, and the packaging.

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What is the, Hail Nails customer always guaranteed after using your nail polish?

If you’re wearing Hail Nails colors, you are guaranteed to get attention—the good kind. All of the colors are unique and eye-catching. I’m not a very outgoing person, but I can wear my colors to speak for me when I’m feeling shy. Even if it’s one of the muted colors, like Street Dreams from the Dipped Set collection, someone will inevitably ask what the color is and it turns into a conversation and ultimately a connection.

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How do you feel about the response that you are receiving from the beauty market ?

The response I’ve gotten so far has been incredible. In the world of nail art in particular, everyone is so open-minded and friendly. Prima Creative, was the first nail artist to really take me under her wing. She taught me a lot about the nail industry and I still have a ways to go. However, since there are still so many people who haven’t even heard of the brand yet. That will change in 2014, though.

Some of the places, Hail nail is being sold? Where can “wanters” purchase the product?

Right now, Hail Nails is only being sold through Hopefully, in the upcoming year the colors will be distributed in a bunch of places. I’m really hoping to find distributors in Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

What can we anticipate from, Hail Nails for the next upcoming seasons?

I’m inspired by way too many things to list, but what I can say is that you can expect more glitters and atypical colors from, Hail Nails.

unnamedOwner/Creator: Shannon Marcec

Sweet welcome to the beauty market, Hail Nails!!!! Already spotted being used with nail art on the market by some of our favorite nail artist, Cunnt Claws predict- Hail Nails being the next best thing introduce to the nail art community.

You too can purchase the, Gothrotica collection. Learn more


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