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Fawking Ghetto, huh?

   Eager to present you with constant fundamental expertise, Cunnt Claws have finally found a way to express the art on nails, to folks who do not fully understand. Lets be clear and fair; anything that stems from one’s creativity is simply, ART. Unfortunately, in the real world not everyone think in unison and the art on nails is still being considered, “Ghetto” (Yes, ghetto!). Here to address on our behalf(applause)- nail guru, Tee Fisher (Nail Gurl) speaks! (Preach girl, preach!):

 In the past, art on nails was only considered “Ghetto”, because large masses of the minority population were bold enough to wear them with pride. Now, fast-forwarding to our current beauty market, every ethnicity is seen wearing nail art of different forms. There are lot of talented nail artist all over the world who truly work hard to perfect their creative ART of nail art. So ,what “Ghetto” were you speaking of?…Ignorance is a bliss, and so is nail art…Which would you prefer?!

Cunnt Cameo: On a brighter note, perfect timing! Tee, also gave us some real time sneak peek of the, Frederick of Hollywood bra, which her and Hail Nails turned into a collaborative nail art project earlier this season. Instant nailgasm!!


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