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Non-sexes Art: Empower Nails

Empower BLOG

Consider yourself lucky! In this day and age, what usually would take 3-4 hours from a professional nail artist, the application of nail wraps are the quickest and easiest way to a manicure.  Jumping right on the quick wave, I would like to introduce you to another piece of tangible nail art that will ensure you “confident claws”. California based, Empower Nail Art has created the only adhesive nail films on the market! With over 150 shapes to choose from, Cunnt Claws had a such a mind-blowing  blast using the stencil knife to carve out and personalize the shape for each model hands. (Looking ahead: Nails by:Cunnt Claws / Both sexes are used for this project)

empower22Hand Model 1 : Brendon Alexander (Art : International Center of Photography)

empower4Hand Model 2: Janelle R. ( Art: Masquerade head piece )

empower 19Hand Model 3: Keeon Mullins ( Art: Men’s department)




empower1123Hand Model 4: Jenae Hall

empower 12(Art: Antique perfume atomizer)

These bad-boys are absolutely stunning! To see these nail adhesive wraps come to life is what I have provided you, but below are (2) motion videos from Empower Nail Art where Lucien demonstrates the printed nail wrap’s proper usage:



View more here


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