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D-DAY: Diosa Nail Polish

diosa3 : header

With everything soaring here in, The Big Apple my mind was fully set of anticipation for another LIVE episode of D-DAY for Diosa nail polish launch!! To give you some general background, D-DAY simply mean “Diosa-Day” and it has become a yearly nail event preserved by nail polish creator, Diana Long who is recognizable here at Cunnt Claws. Continue reading

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Non-sexes Art: Empower Nails

Empower BLOG

Consider yourself lucky! In this day and age, what usually would take 3-4 hours from a professional nail artist, the application of nail wraps are the quickest and easiest way to a manicure.  Jumping right on the quick wave, I would like to introduce you to another piece of tangible nail art that will ensure you “confident claws”. California based, Empower Nail Art has created the only adhesive nail films on the market! With over 150 shapes to choose from, Cunnt Claws had a such a mind-blowing  blast using the stencil knife to carve out and personalize the shape for each model hands. (Looking ahead: Nails by:Cunnt Claws / Both sexes are used for this project)

empower22Hand Model 1 : Brendon Alexander (Art : International Center of Photography)

empower4Hand Model 2: Janelle R. ( Art: Masquerade head piece )

empower 19Hand Model 3: Keeon Mullins ( Art: Men’s department)




empower1123Hand Model 4: Jenae Hall

empower 12(Art: Antique perfume atomizer)

These bad-boys are absolutely stunning! To see these nail adhesive wraps come to life is what I have provided you, but below are (2) motion videos from Empower Nail Art where Lucien demonstrates the printed nail wrap’s proper usage:



View more here

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Rad Nails Featuring: Ria Nailz & Sleign Bells

Once again, adding to the growing list of DIY nail art goodies featured here on the, Cunnt Claws’ website- we could’nt be more  stoked to present you with yet another yummy treat! (Hint…hint: just in time for the holidays).

Stimulating nothing but desire: Brooklyn native, Ria Lopez (Ria Nailz) teams up with American pop star, Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells to give us some fun printed nail art wrap exclusively for New York’s nail art brand, Rad Nails. Here to represent the Bitter Rival nails wraps, nail artist Ria Lopez chats with us:


 Give us the inside scoop that stem the collaboration between you and Rad Nails?

The collaboration came about, because Alexis and I were discussing what would be a good way to give women something more then just a t-shirt at their Sleigh Bells shows. We felt like it would be cool to have something different specifically for women, and what better way then nail wraps!

ria nailz 5

 Freaking love the complementary colors of the, pink and yellow color coordination. Individually, which single nail design is your favorite? 

 I don’t have a single favorite. Alexis and I designed them with all of them being our favorites!

ria nailz 3

 Describe your signature nail art style? And how did these sets of nail wraps represent that?

 The nail wraps were inspired by, Sleigh Bells album cover artwork- which is two bad ass guitars; one pink and one yellow with tiger stripes. I don’t think I have a signature nail art style but I do try to make some; tuff, fun, badass nails and these nail wraps definitely represented that.


 When coming up with the ideas for designs- what kind of customer was the intended target?

 Our target customers were, all of the women and girls that come out to the Sleigh Bells show and they don’t have a “RiaNailz” with them.


 Will there be more nail wraps from, Ria Nailz?

 I don’t have any plans right now to make more nail wraps, but who knows what 2014 will bring.

ria nailz

 Amazing collaboration!

Folks clutch these nail wraps, so you too can have some “RiaNailz”!!!! 

Shop Now!

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Cunnt Claws: Foil Manicure

New Manicure!!! If you are looking for something extremely eye-catching and flashy, Foil Nail manicures are the perfect solution. Trying something new and fairly easy to ‘DIY’ , the Foil Nails  are pretty cool for the holidays.. The images do not justify how stunning, these foils are in person. Nonetheless, LOVE!!


foil3Mixed with my, foil manicure are Formula X polish (Chaotic – black & white confetti)



>Stay tune for more foil manicures here at, Cunnt Claws!<

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ncLA: Wrap it up!

 Occasionally, being a woman is not always easy. Trying to balance a busy schedule, with just only 24 hours in the day, there is a guarantee that there is always something that goes incomplete due to time.  For example, a well needed manicure! Can you image the agony of getting off from work, and only having less then a hour to freshen up before your important anniversary dinner, and your nails are not done to perfection?! Yes ladies, little do you know your hands are observe and is the main attraction while engaging in juicy chats at the diner table… Well (waah-laaa) the days for that are over! Cunnt Claws have the solution; ncLA extensive design choices of nail wraps.

 ncLA, nail wraps are design to give you a quick and easy manicure with no hassles and messiness. Fun for any age, ncLa nail wraps are safe while giving protection to those claws that you love to keep pretty. Below, check out the images & video of my- reverse french manicure with the incorporation of a DIY moment of ncLA excitement.

UntitledncLA: It Don’t Matter

Just in case you were intrigued with the supa fun colored nail wrap used in the demonstration video, Click here to purchase!