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Cunnt Claws: Hypnotizing Claws

cunnt claws 2

(Claw Alert!!) To be honest, I was “team indecisive” this weekend when I took a trip to the nail shop, and wanted nothing to do with the inspirational designs from my personal nail menu that I drew out ahead of time for my nail technician. Taking a entirely unlikely path, I engaged in some “forbidden” activity, and repeated nail designs from my past!

Not only did I take a visit back into my nail art museum archives and recycled some of my old nail designs from a few years back, but I am also still going strong with square shaped nails!

cunnt claws 4

Type(s) of Nail-Art : Hypnotizing Maze Design / 3-d Bow / 2-tone colors

Artist: Dhouhe [ Ding Ya Nail Spa]

cunnt claws 1


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