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Sephora: Revolutionizing Claws!

BLOGIn the latest tête-à-tête, a girls’ favorite “time-killa” place partook in a live impromptu nail-art episode that had everyone wanting polish! Located in the heart of New York City (Times Square), Sephora had the coolest daytime nail party in retrospect to new Spring/Summer 2014 nail polishes from their pigmented polish line, Formula X! The directions of color choices were endless at the Formula X nail shop booth, but at the artist nail stations the focus were an either/or kind of feel in terms of going vibrantly neon or subtly pastel with the hues flaunted. Upon purchases, guest were treated with a 2-finger nail-art courtesy of the following onsite nail artist; Lexi Martone (Lexi Martone Nails), Eda Levenson (Lady Fancy Nails), Candy J (Candy J.), and Jeannette (I Luv Ur Nailz):



sephora9 copyNail Menu

sephora23Nail Artist (L-R): Jeanette (I Luv Ur Nailz) /  Lexi Martone

sephora24Neon Colors (R-L): Phenomena / Zing / Oomph / Neon Base Coat / Zip / Zap

sephora (Lexi)Nail’d by: Lexi Martone

sephora29[Above] Omg!! These PRESS PODS are going to be the future! These tiny bottle your see here are mini-to-go- disposable nail polish, that have really cute brushes that goes on just as smooth as the regular sized bottles

sephora16Nail Artist: Eda Levenson (Lady Fancy Nails) glowing while showing me some love with her client!

sephora25Pastel Colors (R-L) : Brain Power / Potent / Illustrious / Heart Stopping

sephora13[Above] Nails in all flavors…Long & Baby claws!!!! Jeanette and Lexi claws up-close

sephora33Nail Press: This is where the fun happened! So you know its real, all guest were welcome to take pictures within the, Sephora Nail “Snap + Go” booth!


sephora6[Above]: How gorg is Ms.LadyFancyNails? She’s giving me face while emphasising her, reverse french manicure !!! [Below] Client excited about her bright colored ombre nails done by, Lady Fancy Nails.


sephora17Preteens friends spotted engaging in some serious DIY activities by the, Nail Studio.

sephora10[Above] Social-life! Nail Artist, Candy J being socially active on her neon phone case were on of my favorite photo highlights! [Below] Candy two-tone nail art in Formula X polish: Enigma & Continumm. These blues hues are really a staple color for summer!

sephora 18

sephora4[Above] Candid moments are the best! Swagger shot and nail-talk amongst LadyFancyNails and a client who flaunting her manicure nailed by, Lexi Martone.

In the midst of the festivities, I was very content with all the design from the nail menu and I immediately drew some hypothesis of which nail designs were going to be intimidating or inviting to the Sephora customer. The “Faded Ombré” became lead design! And while engaging in mass nail-talks with customers, I have come to the conclusion that even while given the free will to do something spontaneously drastic, customer preferred a more introvert tone and went with a more basic design (View menu below). While people are still learning their personal nail-art identity, the question erupts: Is this nail design apprehension due to not yet knowing one’s nail identity OR Is it due to people being openly apprehensive to trying new things on their nails?! Love to hear your thought!!sephora9



3 thoughts on “Sephora: Revolutionizing Claws!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think people are just boring! Not every1 is bold enough to put crazy designs on their nailz. That is changing

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think ppl are still getting to kno their nail niche. I always prefer plain designs until i started to see all the different kind of designs i can get, so now i go with stronger details. ppl like myself who are daring are the ones to start the trend and then majority follow.

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