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Artist Chat: NailGurl

teeStepping out of the norm while just by simply inheriting distinctive hand-skills, New York native –Tara Tee Fisher (or NailGurl) has paid her dues for over five years in the nails industry and is what I consider an influential artist associated with having a opening eye to life. Conveying relatable pop culture art in a tasteful way is just one of Tee’s technical nail skill varieties that has grown to be appreciated by natives in the nail community and nail art apprentice still learning the different aspects of the nail art culture. In terms of hot commoditites, NailGurl is a spot-on advocate of using all different descriptions of nail products that she introduces together with her fantasy artworks. Recognizable publications such as: Nails Magazine, Nail Pro and culture driven Complex Magazine has all been apart of spread the unique talent of Tee’s rare talent.

In add-ons to being familiar with Tee’s universally recognizable work, her open personality is the crème del-crème of giving supporters the “411” on relevant nail related topics which can be found via NailGurl up-to-date YouTube channel. Highlighting artist with a keen diverse style is always great sharing and this diversity is the truth of what makes, Tee Fisher a solid influencer for the, Cunnt Claws movement. Below is a straightforward dialogue between, Tee Fisher and I- alongside some of her culturally diverse work:

You are known to be a “Fantasy Nail Artist “? What is the true meaning and how is it different from artistes who create art on nails?

Fantasy nail art is just that fantasy. An artist can explore any depth they’d like without restriction. Fantasy nail-art isn’t worn by everyday folks and that is why I chose to dig deep into that realm.

nail gurl : panties

Beyond the titles that others have given you, who are you?

Simply Tara (better known as TEE)! An art lover…coffee drinker… And often times secluded in my bad cave constantly working!

 Would you consider yourself a feminist? Why?

That term “feminist” has been run heavily into the ground! I am not one who likes to inherit titles! But if I had to choose, I’d say that I’m a humanist! I think about people as whole.

nail gurl addams family

You worked with a wide selection of nail polishes. What additional qualities do you feel should come with every polish made?

I’m an avid polish user (obviously), so in my case I often prefer polishes that have high pigmentation, and dry fast. To me that’s a bonus!

nail gurl abstract

Which nail polish do you think is really good, but don’t get the recognition it deserves?

I love polishes by Cirque, Hail Nails, Emma Jean Cosmetics, Floss Gloss and Duri. There is a long list of brands that I feel deserve tons of recognition outside of the familiar brands that we have grown accustom to hearing about.

One filthy guilty pleasure?

Ciggies (Cigarette)…I still battle with kicking the habit!

nail gurl ciggies

 Describe your participatory audience on Instagram vs. YouTube or Bloggers. What would you like your audience to acquire through the works presented from the different social platform? 

I love instagram! The audience (for the most part) are very fun to talk to and is learning more about what it is that I do on a daily basis. The same as YouTube . I think that everyone is learning that I eat, sleep, think…NAIL ART! So with all of the social media platforms available…the message is pretty much the same.

nail gurl: pillls

Name a belief that you have, which other would disagree with?

This is definitely one of those rhetorical questions…I plead the 5th!

nail gurl: !

Most bazaar comment/ question someone ever presented to you? How did you respond and why did you choose to respond in that way?

I was asked by a NYC stylist to create a set of “GHETTO” nails….That totally got ignored! I don’t respond to foolishness!

If I gave you a time limit of three hours and give you a thousand dollars , what would you purchase with it?

I don’t know you would have to give me that $1000, and then I could tell you! (Giggles) More than likely I would buy art supplies!

nail gurl: sex in the city

Women have come a long way in regard to freedom and power in society, and have gain respectable recognition from the opposite sex. Now, do you think women are slowly jeopardizing that from the ‘shadey’ behavior(s), which is practiced in competitive industry (Nail-Art being one)?

YES! But for the most part there are tons of women who support one another. However, at the end of the day, folks are trying their best to survive. So, I am not going to cast out stones…. it is what it is! The objectives of this entire industry is to get in where you fit in and make it work for a specific amount of time!

nail gurl phone

Have you ever been a victim of stereotyping? If so, share your experience and what you gain or loss from it.

That is a constant! But truth be told, I don’t care or use it as a crutch to keep me from achieving what it is that, I feel like I have to do in this industry!

Which female figure do you admire from the political party?

NONE! And I am so serious with this. Politics & the figureheads all spew the same nonsense in my book!

nail gurl: pillls

Life changing lesson you’ve learnt in nail technician school?

I learned more outside of school then I did when I was in school. The lesson is: In order to master your own nail art skills you have to continuously educate yourself. Keep going if you want to make this career work for you. Also, there is a niche for everyone to settle into within this industry. You just have to dig deep on the research tip!

Additional Information: It gets better! Tee Fisher artistic style of choice may not be practical for some, but still there is a niche of a huge audience who religiously wears what Tee considers to be, Fantasy Nails! Even if you’re not into intricate 3-dimension nail art, it’s interesting to get your eye in on what is going on in the world of nails and nail-art.  For all who are interested in decorating their personal space with art, Tee also extends her Fantasy Nail Art skills by painting eclectic artworks on canvas as shown below ( Glitter start-shaped eye balls mixed w/Swarovski Crystals) :

nail gurl nyc 2

nail gurl nyc

NailGurl art don’t stop here! More on the entire movement and her latest edition of canvas artwork [Here]


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