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Artist Chat: NailGurl

teeStepping out of the norm while just by simply inheriting distinctive hand-skills, New York native –Tara Tee Fisher (or NailGurl) has paid her dues for over five years in the nails industry and is what I consider an influential artist associated with having a opening eye to life. Conveying relatable pop culture art in a tasteful way is just one of Tee’s technical nail skill varieties that has grown to be appreciated by natives in the nail community and nail art apprentice still learning the different aspects of the nail art culture. In terms of hot commoditites, NailGurl is a spot-on advocate of using all different descriptions of nail products that she introduces together with her fantasy artworks. Recognizable publications such as: Nails Magazine, Nail Pro and culture driven Complex Magazine has all been apart of spread the unique talent of Tee’s rare talent. Continue reading

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Ha! You’re that type?

Ever wondered what the type of nails you wear, say about you? Here’s this really humorious video from the all around funny, Jenna Marbles who breaks down the lingo of what your claws are saying when you wear them! Get ready!:

The joke about nail art, is definitely true!!! Do you agree with the, NAIL TYPES mentioned?