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Birthday Link: Cirque Colors x Lady J. Jewlery

c30As most independently owned business owners can agree, (to some extend) starting a business is never an easy task. Placing all one’s energy into something can be viewed as a gamble to life, as heights of an adrenaline rush occur not knowing if that business can be a hit or a miss. While life continues to school itself, good luck and success has hit a well-deserved home run for entrepreneur, Annie Pham of Cirque Colors nail polish brand.Celebrating her years of hard work, it is now the two-year anniversary of Cirque Colors!

Joining in on the progress, Cirque Color also merged the celebration with Jessica D’amico (Hand-made jewelry maker/ All hand made boutique owner) of Lady J Jewelry boutique, as it was also her 2-year anniversary to her Brooklyn shop opening! The vibe was cool to feel up-close in person while everyone enjoys the company of one another. So trill to see the growth as I remember so vividly meeting, Annie for the day of her first product launching. The “HAND-iness” was not hard to miss while staring at all the assortment of visible hand crafted venders and the on site nail art artist- Candy J leads the hand-show while giving guest free manicure of the Cirque Colors polish:


Nail artist, Candy J working it! She was so busy executing the long list of awaiting customers. They were really loving the Cirque Colors selection!


c11Spotted having a chat (L-R): Jasmine G / Annie Pham (Cirque Creator) / Mimi Montague


c28The moment presented itself! Literally bonding with nail artist, Mimi.




c15[Above]: Absolutely adore the “Glitter” hues collection -view image for name of my favorite.  [Bottom] Also come in additional colors (L-R): XX / Le Invader/ Lullaby


c9Customer(s):  Mary & Elizebeth outside taking in the nice weather. Thats a good way to wait for manicure!





c55[Above]: Colors (L-R) Alter Ego / Vectors / Chainmail / Stella




c29Quick snap: Annie is such inspiration!


c12[Above]: (L-R) Mini Montague / Jasmin G / Jasmin A …To highlight great efforts, these gals are currently attending nail technician school this season all for the love of nail-art, yah-yah!. [Below] How could I not gag over Mini’s trendy ora of: nude nails w/ a sublet design and her red bold lip color! HIP!


c31[Above]: Leather goods: Reid Damnit


c5Owner (Lady J+1)  / Jewelry Designer: Jessica D’Amico


c30Wooze-ah! I am not one for sweets, but the treats was hard to resist…Cotton candy! Yum

Want to know more? Cirque Colors [here]  / Lady J+1 Boutique [here]






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