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Artist HIGHlight: Pretty Project

pretty23With a population of over 1.6 million people, Montreal (Canada) has become the new nail-art home for this season, Artist HIGHlight featuring Marie-Helen Roy of Pretty Project! Starting in 2010, Marie-Helen was just another soul working numerous jobs pursuing a good challenge. Being the prime model of “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, Marie-Helen fell in love with nail art by browsing through popular social site Tumblr and it was here she acquire love for nail art and it became the motivational challenge she’s been seeking!

In today’s art of worldly things, Pretty Project’s Artist HIGHlight is the “womenlicious” motif from one of the artworks created by Montreal street artist, MISS ME! Identified for being vulgarly liberating to women’s voice, MISS ME’s prime website, Dessert For Breakfast is a plainspoken, unpretentious blog where everyday women express their true experience and opinions about sex and the role society’s expect a women should play in correlations to the men.

Humbly literal and speaking in the terms of current culture, Pretty Project shows us the sweeter side to a beautiful parody of the female body : (Bonus interview of MISS ME ahead!)













Known as ”Artful Vandalism”, MISS ME risk-taking attitude spoke to me in loud volumes as this type of act is legitimately prohibited! Yet, exhibiting tasteful street art and offering not a dose of intimidation by Montreal’s lawful obligations, MISS ME is ultimate woman badass! I got a chance to interview the women behind, Dessert for Breakfast for some insider on her creativity:

Describe the Miss Me movement?

There is no movement. Just a girl with a soul, a backpack of opinions and a bucket of love- that talks through images and paint.

What are your inspirations behind the “Ice-Cream” stickers?

It was the very first visual I did, when I was creating what, Dessert For breakfast was to become: Sex in an uncensored way… and in a fun, fun way.

You are currently a street artist, describe a little about the culture?

Freedom, anarchy, generosity, creativity and courage.

Describe what women empowerment mean to you and how it has shape whom you are as an artist:

In the Words of, Dessert For Breakfast: “Because at the end of the day, a woman that has total power over her sexuality is much more difficult to put down in our society. Men know it, and it is our opinion, that it is the very reason why so many of them have tried to control our vagina since the beginning of time”

What are your thoughts on Pretty Project’s inspiration on MISS ME?

Click links to venture more on each artist: Pretty Project  /  MISS ME / Dessert for Breakfast


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! Hot nail design. Very interesting stuff you have on your website. I wish I could do nails cuz this blog I wouldn’t mind being apart of. Good work

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