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Artist HIGHlight: Pretty Project

pretty23With a population of over 1.6 million people, Montreal (Canada) has become the new nail-art home for this season, Artist HIGHlight featuring Marie-Helen Roy of Pretty Project! Starting in 2010, Marie-Helen was just another soul working numerous jobs pursuing a good challenge. Being the prime model of “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, Marie-Helen fell in love with nail art by browsing through popular social site Tumblr and it was here she acquire love for nail art and it became the motivational challenge she’s been seeking!

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Artist HIGHlight: Swag nails w/ Marlene Rockets

piggy1Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happeningCoco Chanel Continue reading

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Artist HIGHlight: Marlene Rockets [Anti-Valentines Day]

vday blog2

Roses are red, violets Are blue…Blaaah, Blaah, Blah!!!! (Sound of reck turntable) Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! As some embrace this day in retrospect to finding true love, here at Cunnt Claws we are seriously lovesick and smitten to receive an over-the-top invitation from both love-rebellion and “Artist HIGHlight” nail artist, Marlene Rockets today. Having unrestricted creative control of the art that is seen on these nail sets, Marlene Rockets expresses visual emotions that are courageously self-explanatory, which is encourage here at Cunnt Claws to help push artist creativity realms that are usually hidden deep, deep, deep in the subconscious.


Visual Inspiration: Nail art erected from the, Kama Sutra texts- which focuses on the human sexual behavior.


What You See:

Index Finger: Karma Sutra (Human Sexual Behaviors)

Middle Finger: Typography / Middle finger / Broken Heart

Ring Finger: Liquid Heart wrapped in claw fingers

Baby Finger: Typography (F*** Love)


For me as a conceptual nail art blogger, I do indeed get bored occasionally seeing the same type of nail designs created over and over again. So, when Tish exposed the her V-Day creations to me, I was a little concern about the message that might be visually interpreted (Omg, such vulgar words and wait!… is that nail porn?!!). However, the vital goal here is to stay true to what the entire, Cunnt Claws movement is visually about: Representing, silently outspoken nails. Nonetheless, Marlene Rockets did a whimsical job at representing that (Australia staaand-up, you guys know how to leave a bish’ speechless, omg!) What do you guys feel about these nail sets?

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Artist HIGHlight


Lights-Out! Can you agree that 2013 came and went by way to fast? Gesh! Felt like just the other day we were all celebrating to a new year. But it is all so good, because this year has been such a scenic blessing! With this year coming to an end, we’ve taken a cool new discovery and liking to an Australian artist- Letitia of Marlene Rockets for a distinctive jump to our, exculsive Artist HIGHlight segment this season.

Artist HIGHlight is truly our appreciation to being fearless with nail art- Just like you, I get shock to see all the unusual types of things our “HIGHlight” artist can do while creating phenomenal imagery on nails. Pushing the envelope, Marlene Rockets took the daring control of creating the ultimate, “New Years Eve” sculpted acrylic claws for us, in retrospect to a fresh new start!:




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Artist HIGHlight: Attitude Nails


(Sirens sound) Happy Halloween, Cunnts!!!!!! Thanks for tuning in…You could have been doing anything else in the world but you’re here being a nail-addict rocking out the holiday with us and to celebrate, today we have something special for you at this never ending digital party here at, Cunnt Claws. Our cunnt artist, Nikki P (Attitude Nails) has crafted yet another silently outspoken exclusive designed nail set that will both move and uplift your spirits in honor of, Halloween. During the process Nikki stated how these particular characters disturbed her childhood’s psychological (We don’t blame you girl, gessh!). Even in this day and age, the creational process for Nikki was hard to fathom, as to why these imaginary character still haunts her adulthood, but we are sure most of you can identify with her on this one!

The nail-art empahasis today is zoom on the heavy detailing, which each protagonist is bought to life. Petrifying, frightening and mind bothering on every level, we are proud to present to you another segment of, Artist HIGHlight !!! :

blog 2Pennywise – From the movie “It” , this scary looking character primarily appears in the form of a clown (Pennywise) in order to attract his preferred prey of young children (This creature can take different form, but mostly appears as Pennywise the clown). The movie follows the adventures of seven children as they are terrorized by Pennywise, who exploits the fears and phobias of his victims in order to disguise himself while hunting for his prey.

blog 5

Jigsaw Based on the movie, “SAW this character builds deadly traps for his preys, which are often a symbolic demonstration of what Jigsaw perceives as a flaw in the person’s life. Jigsaw calls these tests “games”, and tells the person the “rules” of the game by audio or videotape. The rules are tasks that the person must perform in order to pass the test and survive. On some occasion, Jigsaw uses psychological torture as one of the test being used on his prey. However, the tasks often involve extreme self-mutilation and most of the traps are made of scavenged materials, rusty bolts, decaying iron, or anything else he thinks will help him create a new “game”.

blog 4Freddy– A serial killer from the movie, “Nightmare on Elm Street“, who uses a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers, to stalk and kill people in their dreams. All the murders that are suppose to only be in a dream is actually the deaths of each person in reality!!

blog 3Chucky – A killer “Good Guy” doll that had his soul transferred into the doll, seen in the movie, “Childs Play“,  by using voodoo. In the first three films, he looks like a normal doll, but in the last three, he has many scars and stitches on his face and body. Despite his small size, Chucky has the strength of a full-grown man. He has tried to transfer his soul into others to escape his “Good Guy” doll body and get his revenge on the people. He fails to do so to, killing anyone who stands in his way. (Source :



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Artist HIGHlight: Attitude Nails

Repping it hard for all the cunnt UK, nail addicts -our girl, Nikki P (Attitude Nails) have nailed it again!!!!!!!!! Pushing and uncovering the creative boundaries of talented nail artist that we have high admirations for, Artist HIGHlight is a new segment added to the, Cunnt Claws graphical entertainment!

As you know, we currently live in the wonderful years of the 21 century! For most, it is consider the era of the endless technology. So to correlate some fun with our current time, Cunnt Claws is proud to present you with an EXCULSIVE set of “Emoji” nail art, which was inspired by one of the technology industry’s most profitable item… Iphone!


The cool never ends for nail art… and neither will your DROOL’n !!

Make sure to keep the movement going by following, @AttitudeNails nail art: here