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Cunnt Claws Nail’d: Finger Prettification

new49Africa is a huge continent, with over 53 different countries! Out of a hundred: it makes up 15% of the human population! Not a lot in terms of the entire worldly population roundup, but this beautiful country has a lot of hidden gems to be inspired by. Giving credit to humanity, Africa is the home of the natives who first made and wore jewelry. It was used for bartering and trading, mainly for clothes and food.

[Don’t quote me] Adornments worn by the African culture are worn on almost every part of the body: toes, necks, head [hair], ears. In some instances, jewels are even pierced through the skin. Today, the jewelry market recreates the art of african jewelry making for us to wear.  For me, incorporating some sort of nail accessory to my nail art designs are literally second nature. It gave me a chance to echo why I fell in love with the artistic anatomy of nail-art in the first place. Doubling-up on the nail charms and glittery lacquers for a: ‘never ending bore’…sure! It’s pleasantly adding another set of personality apart from my person individuality.

African ornamentations: Playing with lengths and extension,the new nail shape are inspired by one of my favorite nail designers: Mei Kawajiri [@CiaoManhattan2012]. Mei has a playful way of expressing her creativity and for that she the inspiration for my current nail sets. For the executing process, I collaborated with Gracie J [The Editorial Nail]. Her skills are mainly gels and artistic nail art [Materials: Multi-colored foil / Floss Gloss ‘wet’ / 3-d jewels] :



new50: Amber and gold adornment, Mopti[Above] Mopti: Amber and gold adornment.



new 52 beaded-corset dinka[Above] Dinka: Beaded corsetnew8


Fun Facts 1: In Ghana, the coronation of kings and leaders celebrates with a show of gold wealth. The use of Gold necklaces, bracelets and rings all have symbolic meaning attached to the styling and motifs used in the making

Fun Fact 2:  Diamonds were not traditionally favored by the people of Africa. They were seen as a deprivation of coloration.

Information Informer: This may sound unlikely,but the idea has proven me justice. Embellishments manicures bonded together by UV gel topcoat, in my opinion usually last much longer than using just glue and regular top coat. Oh, yeah… tell a friend!


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