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Artist Chat: Sara M. Lyons

sara4Hey you! Do you identify with the bizarre stuffs of life: aliens, sad ghosts, cigarette butts and a killer admiration for American punk band “The Cramps”? Hello and welcome!!! Such a pleasure to have some legit weirdo in the house today! For the love of liberty, excitement, and good conversation the super-duper weirdo and illustrator, Sara M. Lyons is in the house today! To give a brief background: a weirdos is an individual who dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric, but in all reality Sara’s artistic behavior exudes normal and is in depth influential for a lot of guys and gals amongst the art town. Life is a performing arts and it is important to be able to learn the art with everything you do in life.

Just only being 28 years old, Sarah M Lyons self started her own small business of producing cool witty things, giving us a insider of what’s its like to live inside her world and it is ok if you have a difference in preference! I am sure Sara will leave you feeling inspired. Influence by pop culture, punk rock and a genuine interest for womanhood, Sarah rules and it is beyond pleasurable to have her voice some of her thoughts with us now:

Appreciating your talent and the art that you project into the universe. Tells us how did you get started producing things? Do you think this a calling or its just another way for you to make a living?

SML: Thank you!  I’ve been drawing and making things for my entire life, so it felt like a natural progression.  It’s nice to be able to make a living doing what I love, but if I was just trying to gain cash I would have just kept my office job!  My work doesn’t afford me a lavish lifestyle but it makes me happy because I love what I do.  I love my nail decals because they’re an amazing way for me to get my illustrations out into the world.  A lot of artists struggle with exposure and how best to market their work, but for me, having my drawings right on the talons of cool girls around the world has always felt like a natural fit.

Being an active contributor to the nail community, how would you describe the nail culture in Los Angeles, California?

SML: I actually live in Anaheim (right by Disneyland!), which is in north Orange County, so I’m not as connected to the L.A. nail culture as people not from Southern California might think.  That said, OC is nothing to turn your nose up at when it comes to nail art!  We don’t have as many high-profile nail technicians as L.A. does, but nail culture has been strong here for decades.  I’ve spent hours digging through the tons of tiny nail supply shops in Little Saigon and I honestly think our nail supply district is just as good if not even better than L.A.’s!sara15

Name your spiritual animal?

SML: Lindsay Lohan!

 What new trends are you currently loving in the nail art scene?

SML: I love following nail artists on, Instagram but I actually try not to pay too close attention to trends, because I don’t want them to influence my own designs.  I really pride myself on being original, and since there are so many amazing nail decal designers in the game I try really hard to set trends instead of following them!  That said, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of Floss Gloss’ new nail piercing kits.  I remember piercing my natural nails with safety pins in junior high!

Your “Chronic Cute” decals are inspired by marijuana. What is your take: Should marijuana be legalize in every state?

SML: I feel it definitely needs to be decriminalized ASAP at the very least and hopefully eventually legalized.  I do not think anyone should build their entire persona around smoking weed, but I’m for sure a big proponent of marijuana.  I know it’s not for everyone, but it helps keep my depression and anxiety in check, nudges my creativity, helps me sleep, and just generally improves my life in a lot of ways.sara26

Name one of your vice?

SML:I am so into trashy reality TV!  I watch them in the upper right hand corner of my computer monitor while I draw!  Right now I’m beyond obsessed with, “Vanderpump Rules” and I can’t get enough of it.

 Which decal was more fun than others to create? Which sets took you longer to create?

SML: I could never pick a favorite!  Pretty much every set I put out involved a ton of thought and effort, which is why I only release a handful of new styles every year.  My CUTE & SLEAZY, DAINTY & DIRTY, and SWEET & CREEPY packs, for example, each have 60 individual designs – and while they may look tiny on the decal sheet, each drawing began as a full-sized, full color illustration with tons of detail and nuance that’s barely even discernible on the nail!  I could probably stand to be less of a perfectionist about my drawings, but I can’t help it; I don’t half-ass anything when it comes to my work.sara3

What do you think the world has in store for you and your artistic ventures and where do you see yourself doing in the near future?

SML: Beyond my brand and client products, I have all kinds of amazing illustration projects in the pipeline that will be released over the next few months!  I’m an artist first and foremost, so my focus with all my products is to continue to get my work out there, onto the fingernails and into the hearts of like-minded people all over the place.  I can’t wait to be the new Lisa Frank and take over the world with my artwork!sara20

 Delighted to have Sara M Lyons stop by!! She’s personally a cool character and is thankful for people like her in this world! Looking forward to seeing more of Sara M Lyons artistic free spirited creations!

Check out Sara websites: Shop   Tumblr   Instagram


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